Cheap thrills

I do loves me some raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens but these are a few of my favourite things: pink carnations, Coco & Lulu nail polish in “Riviera” and a pretty box to hold my decorative ribbon.

And they’re all under $10!


The carnations go in my grocery cart once or twice a month. Eight to ten flowers for $6 and they last a good 10 days. I keep ’em in one big bunch on the kitchen island or break them up into bud vases around the house like the magazines do and they make the rooms feel much more sunny. (And me too.)

Coco & Lulu’s polish looks brilliant with just one coat and the colour’s so versatile it’s practically a neutral! It’ll last you forever and it’s just $8.50.

The box is a cheery swap-out from the shoe boxes and random plastic containers I use to corral my wrapping and craft supplies. It makes me smile every time I see it. A cheap thrill for $6!

What are some of your favourite things under $10?

Flowers: Loblaws. Polish: Chapters. Box, vase and wrapping paper: Target.

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