Warning: They might bite back

These tiny potato salad bites have everything going for them: they’re delicious, they’re classy, and they’re fairly easy to make.

But they’re also dangerous.

potato salad 1 The crispy wonton corners are like spikes on an iron fence. Climb that fence and you might get poked.

potato salad better You could break off the corners like my daughter or bite right down like the Hubs.

But only one of them cupped their hand to their mouth and winced.

And I think you can guess which one.

potato salad lily hand 2 It’s the first time I’ve baked wontons — maybe I had them in the oven too long? Surely they’re meant to be softer. Because the idea is gold!

It’s from Tiny Food Party: Bite Sized Recipes for Miniature Meals. All of the recipes look so good I want to make the whole book!

And we don’t mind a little danger now and then.

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