How I stay (relatively) sane

Oprah says your house should rise up to greet you. Most of the time my house smacks me in the face. The floors are littered with toys that crunch underfoot in the night, the dining room table strewn with school notices, artwork and bills, the walls and doors sullied with fingerprints and and “washable” crayons that didn’t quite wash off. It’s not that we don’t clean — sometimes we’ll scrub ’til the house sparkles — but that we live. And more often than not, living is messy.

It’s taken me a long time to accept and I don’t even fully, but I have found some ways to keep my sanity. Namely, by tidying the areas where I spend most of my time. For me that’s the kitchen (the sunniest spot in the house) and a corner of the living room by the front window where I curl up to blog and read and try to come up with clever things to tweet on Twitter.

chair looking down

I’ve got just enough room on the table (a Target find, surprise surprise) for a giant cup of tea and a stack of books and magazines to inspire. (I’ve just finished All My Puny Sorrows to review for Brazenwoman.)


Our poor old chairs have taken a beating over the past couple of years. Eventually I’d like to replace them, maybe with something like these. And replace the throw with one that matches the couch. But it’s plenty cozy for now. And most importantly, it’s mine.

Do you have a corner or a room to call all your own? How do you use it? What makes it special?

5 thoughts on “How I stay (relatively) sane

  1. I have a wicker chaise lounge in the “canoe room” that is all mine. Well, when the dogs or kids aren’t lying on it.

    I love to read books but don’t find the time anymore. Instead, I love my Canadian Living, Cottage Life and our local newspaper. I can get through an article and don’t have to remember the plot.

    Your space looks so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself with us.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  2. Your reading spot looks so cozy! And I LOVE that you have All My Puny Sorrows on the top of your reading stack! I adore that book. Has your review for Brazenwoman been published yet?

  3. It’s so hard to work at home as a food blogger and keep it perfect because I always cook or bake something and then take pics of it. Then I have to wash the dishes and start all over again. I have stack of cookbook and mags all over, even in closets. But what I like the most at this time of the year is to sit outside with coffee, in the morning, and read one of my cookbooks or magazine for inspiration.

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