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What’s Swedish for delicious?

Have you ever been to IKEA on a weekday? I was there on Monday with my father-in-law — he to pick up a second side table for his living room; me to get another cushion cover and pillow for mine — and oh my gosh, it was positively peaceful. All kinds of room to walk through the store, no line-ups at the cash and plenty of chairs and tables free in the bistro to sit and have a frozen yogurt before leaving.

I almost managed the impossible — leaving the store with nothing but what you came for — but the food section called to me on the way out and I found myself picking up a multigrain bread mix too. (Our freezer is already well-stocked with meatballs.) I’ve wanted to try it for a while and it looked like a fun thing to make with the kids.

Why there’s one of my little sous-chefs now!

bread mix 2

ikea pouring

You pour 20 ounces of water directly into the carton, shake vigorously for 45 sections, then pour into a loaf pan and let rise for 45 minutes before baking.

We shook the heck out of that thing but couldn’t get the flour out of the bottom of the carton so we poured the contents into a bowl to stir with the mixer like we would any other bread dough.

ikea pour

The mixture was awfully wet so we added about a cup of flour until it came together like a dough, then left it to rise.

It didn’t grow except for in the oven, where it rose into a dense, seedy loaf.

ikea bread

What’s Swedish for delicious? One thick slice of this bad boy and you’ll be ready to climb a mountain or assemble a bookcase.

It would be so good with jam or thinly sliced with smoked salmon, but it stands up perfectly well as is.

Have you tried IKEA’s bread mix? What can’t you leave the store without?

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