Doughnut roundup

So apparently Canada has the highest number of doughnut shops per capita in the world and yet it’s the Americans who’ve got a National Doughnut Day. (It was yesterday, in case you’re wondering.) Why is Tim Hortons not all over this? Maybe it’s too close to June 4’s Camp Day (where every cup of coffee you buy helps send a kid to camp). Whatever the case, we should totally celebrate too. And if you’ve got a doughnut pan, you can bake some in no time. Here’s a roundup of my favourite recipes.

homemade donuts for the blog

These almond flour chocolate doughnuts here have a light, cakey texture and (bonus!) they’re gluten free.  I made a batch this week and shared them with a neighbours’ kids and their friends since my kids were away and they got several sticky thumbs up. (Little Izzy from next door was kind enough to be my hand model for this shot.) The glaze calls for honey but I left it out; the 72% cocoa dark chocolate and the coconut oil was sweet enough. The doughnuts alone aren’t very sweet, unlike some cloying store-bought varieties.

Cooking With My Kid’s baked maple cinnamon doughnuts were the first ones I tried and it would not be an overstatement to say they were a revelation. The bubbly batter puffed up into a light-as-air confection with just a hint of vanilla (and no maple that I could taste), and were heavenly served warm in the cinnamon-sugar coating. Would you believe they’re just over 100 calories each? The batter is my go-to vanilla doughnut and delicious dipped in a chocolate or a peanut butter glaze. Which probably adds an ungodly amount of calories but the doughnuts need something. (I don’t find them at all sweet on their own.) Important to note: the batter for these is a completely different animal than the almond flour chocolate doughnuts. That one is runny and can be poured or spooned into the pan. This one is puffy and sticky and best handled with a piping bag. (Don’t have a piping bag? Spoon it into a large freezer bag, snip the corner and squeeze it out.)

apple donut no frame
The batter for these apple cake doughnuts is the same as this one for apple paleo muffins, with some raisins and a little nutmeg thrown in for good measure. It’s been a while since I made them so I can’t remember the cooking time but it’s gotta be at least 15 minutes. Just keep an eye on them and pull them out when you insert a toothpick and it comes out dry to the touch.

For another grain-free, gluten-free alternative, you might want to try these chocolate doughnuts with coconut cream frosting. Considering there’s not much to them, I’m always impressed at how well they turn out. You can make the batter in your blender and easily pour it into your pan. That I love. Oh, and I swap out the Stevia for sugar. (Not a Stevia fan.)

For something completely different, how ’bout a savoury doughnut?


Mmm, they look good, right?

Like a heart

Only I can’t find the dang recipe. The pictures are from Fall 2012, when I was going through a serious doughnut phase and mucking about trying this and that. I remember adding walnuts for crunch, but that’s about it. Maybe you want to play around and come up with one of your own. (Can you share it with me?)

Finally, these pumpkin spice donuts are as phenomenal as they look. If you’re in for a hot summer you might not care to make them now, but come the crisp days of Fall, they’re wonderful with a hot cup of tea. I’ve made batches with chocolate glaze and others coated in cinnamon sugar and both were delicious.

Do you have a favourite doughnut recipe or an idea you’d like to share? What’s your go-to doughnut?

2 thoughts on “Doughnut roundup

  1. We should celebrate doughnut day in Canada. That’s nice to have gluten-free recipes. My brother-in-law is celiac and we always do our best to make a meal almost all gluten-free. All your doughnuts look yum!

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