DIY dip-dyed salad spoons

Now these aren’t actually dip-dyed salad spoons, ‘but they do have that dip-dyed look. The how-to is so easy that it needs little explaining, which is a relief since I’ve been struggling with my writing. What is the remedy? I’m at a loss, people. But I do have these cute spoons. 

They say necessity is the mother of invention and it’s certainly true in this case. I needed similar spoons from Chapters but didn’t want to fork out $24.50 to have them so I made my own. And you can too. For less than five bucks! (And even less if you already have some of the supplies.)

tongs laid out

I feel silly spelling this out since you can see everything right there in the picture, but you’ll need:

  • two salad spoons ($1 each at Winners and $Dollar It!; these are bamboo)
  • acrylic paint (99 cents at Michael’s; I bought two colours and used just a little of one)
  • a paintbrush ($1.29 at Michael’s, I borrowed one from the kids)
  • masking tape (which you probably have in the house)

What do you do? Simply tape off the area off the area you want to paint and give ‘er a couple of coats. If you have a lot of paint you can simply tape off the area and dip them in, then they’re truly dip-dyed.

I painted these over the course of a couple of hours and they were safe to use after three.

(That’s not to say they’re weren’t a bit sticky when I took this photo. I’m impatient like that.)

salad tongs on bowl

Of course the quality isn’t near the same as the ones I’ve been lusting for, but I do love the look of these and they do the trick. I mean for less than three dollars, you can’t go wrong.

What’s your favourite DIY on the cheap? Share it here! I’d love to see.

3 responses to “DIY dip-dyed salad spoons”

  1. Buy 3 $15.00 wrought iron garden trellis’s, mount them on the wall behind your queen size box spring and mattress and voila… instant head board.\
    Did it and love it.

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