DIY dip-dyed salad spoons

Now these aren’t actually dip-dyed salad spoons, ‘but they do have that dip-dyed look. The how-to is so easy that it needs little explaining, which is a relief since I’ve been struggling with my writing. What is the remedy? I’m at a loss, people. But I do have these cute spoons. 

They say necessity is the mother of invention and it’s certainly true in this case. I needed similar spoons from Chapters but didn’t want to fork out $24.50 to have them so I made my own. And you can too. For less than five bucks! (And even less if you already have some of the supplies.)

tongs laid out

I feel silly spelling this out since you can see everything right there in the picture, but you’ll need:

  • two salad spoons ($1 each at Winners and $Dollar It!; these are bamboo)
  • acrylic paint (99 cents at Michael’s; I bought two colours and used just a little of one)
  • a paintbrush ($1.29 at Michael’s, I borrowed one from the kids)
  • masking tape (which you probably have in the house)

What do you do? Simply tape off the area off the area you want to paint and give ‘er a couple of coats. If you have a lot of paint you can simply tape off the area and dip them in, then they’re truly dip-dyed.

I painted these over the course of a couple of hours and they were safe to use after three.

(That’s not to say they’re weren’t a bit sticky when I took this photo. I’m impatient like that.)

salad tongs on bowl

Of course the quality isn’t near the same as the ones I’ve been lusting for, but I do love the look of these and they do the trick. I mean for less than three dollars, you can’t go wrong.

What’s your favourite DIY on the cheap? Share it here! I’d love to see.

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  2. Phyllis Anderson

    Buy 3 $15.00 wrought iron garden trellis’s, mount them on the wall behind your queen size box spring and mattress and voila… instant head board.\
    Did it and love it.

    1. try small things

      Look at you! Great idea.

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