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Mini doughnuts for a sickee

When you were a kid and home from school with the flu, what made you feel better? For me it was buttered toast cut into long strips called soldiers, popsicles my mom would pick up at Becker’s and watching game shows like Wheel of Fortune, back when the contestants used to shop in those rooms on the set. (Remember when?) For my seven-year-old — who’s home today with some sort of bug — it’s freezies, episode after episode of Curious George and these mini doughnuts, which she asked to help make this afternoon.

mini doughnuts

Tell me these don’t make you smile. Why they’re cuter than a bug’s ear! (Which if you ask me doesn’t make a lick of sense. I mean, wouldn’t bug ears be pretty damn ugly?)

We used my go-to recipe from Cooking With My Kid (sans cinnamon sugar coating) and a mini doughnut pan that makes a dozen little cuties at a time.

For the first batch, I piped the batter twice around each well until they were two thirds full, but the doughnuts turned out so puffy that the hole was completely covered over. For the second batch I tried just once around and they turned out magnifique.

mini doughnuts 2

Bake at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes, pop out of the pan to cool for a minute, then dunk in your glaze and sprinkle with sprinkles or another topping straight away before it dries. This glaze is a couple of handfuls of pink chocolate melts (those quarter-sized disks you can buy in a dozen colours, also called coating chocolate) melted with some coconut oil to thin the mixture and give it a nice shine.

mini doughnuts fav

The recipe made about three and a half dozen. I think. I can’t remember how many of the puffy ones I ate before counting. But we’ve still got loads. Shall I save you one?

mini doughnuts 3

Nom nom nom.

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