Five things

Hello friends! How was your week? I saw the cutest craft project on Oh Happy Day last week and thought it would be perfect to try yesterday for the first day of Summer.

popsicle garland

Can you guess what they’re made of? If you answered pool noodles, you’re right! They make the cutest garlands, don’t they? You can see the complete how-to here.

jamesy shirt

And can you believe another school year has almost come to a close? Last week my guy’s JK class had an end-of-year concert, followed by a surprise informal graduation. The kids wore mortarboards made out of construction paper and their teacher read a great book about finding your own path called I Knew You Could: A Book For All The Stops In Your Life. Oh my gosh, what a tear-jerker! There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. (I mean, the kids were alright. But the parents: cue the waterworks!)

egg salad

I’m still all over the Lunchmatch contest and trying to come up with somewhat interesting entries every day. This picture was the best of the bunch last week.

Do you have any sandwich/chip combos to suggest? I’d love to hear your ideas!

horned owls

My daughter and I had a girls’ day today and spent some time browsing around an annual art festival. The horned owls were a favourite.

BeFunky_art in the park.jpg

As was the pottery.

one last cupcake

In sad news, our favourite cupcake shop closed today after four years of business. We dropped in this morning for one last treat.

We’ll miss The Flour Shoppe. Gone too soon.

One thought on “Five things

  1. I was going to don the popsicles with my kids but they freaked out at Dollarama and said “Mommy! Don’t cut the poodle up for your arts and craps” they think the pool noodle is called a poodle.Weird looks from everyone 😉

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