A word on sleep

Most of us know how important sleep is for our health, but how many of us can say we get enough zzzzs? Sometimes you need someone to force you to lie the heck down. For both your sakes.


Poor Magic the unicorn is a bit of an insomniac. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t have any eyelids.

But you do!


Put them to good use when you next get the chance and close those peepers for some restorative shut-eye. Leave the dishes for tomorrow and turn off your devices. Hit the sheets earlier tonight and see if you don’t feel even a little bit better when you wake.

(Unless you’re one of those people who say they feel crappier after a nap or too much sleep. Then by all means do what you do.)

Tonight I’m taking my own advice and hitting the sheets early.

Sweet dreams, everybody. I hope you have a good sleep.

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  1. kmn04books

    That’s a great reminder! Sometimes I stay up too late and then panic due to the fact that I’m going to sleep so late which does not make for a great sleep… I think I’ll have to follow your advice tonight!

    1. try small things

      I have to remind myself too. 🙂

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