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I don’t collect anything per se, but I can’t resist a cute roll of washi tape (aka Japanese paper tape). Today I’m sharing my wee inventory. Just a baker’s dozen. Hardly gonna land me in an episode of Hoarders.


washi doggie 2

I keep them in a clear plastic box where I can see them, and then one out in this doggie (Target!) for everyday use.


red washi tape

IKEA put out some washi tape at Christmastime. Half of these red ones are from there, while the others are from a Valentine collection at Loblaws.

black and white washi tape

Now these, these are high-end. I splurged on them at Michael’s a few years ago when their selection was limited to one small rack. Now they have dozens, from a wide variety of brands.

blue tape and scissors

Are you a collector? What’s your prized collection?

7 thoughts on “Collections

    1. You couldn’t resist. πŸ™‚ I use it like regular tape — if you wrap a gift in kraft paper it adds a fun, colourful touch — and to put a few photos and motivational quotes on the wall in our catch-all room. (It doesn’t take the paint off the walls when you remove it.) I’ve also seen it wrapped around plain straws for a striped effect. Chatelaine has all kinds of great ideas here: Can’t wait to hear how you use yours! πŸ™‚

  1. Oh my goodness, I’d have to say nail polish and mugs. When we moved from BC to Alberta, my husband had me throw out so many of my mugs…but I’m slowly building it back up again πŸ˜‰

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