Five things

How have you been? Gosh it’s feels like forever since we last got together here. I’ve been sick all week with a nasty bug but I’m up and around today. Shall we look at some highlights from the past couple of weeks?

swing 2

I did a photo shoot with for my girlfriend and her daughter. These are a couple of my favourite pictures.

swing 5 film

Up, up and away!


You know I loves me some gold shoes, and these little loafers I couldn’t resist. GAP end-of-summer sale, $3.97! 


My daughter came home from the hospital a week and a half ago with matching bracelets for her and Foxy, which I thought was pretty cute. We were worried the less furry one had developed a serious infection after a bout of the flu and took her to emerg to check it out, but it was nothing. (Phew!)

ring toss 9 800

My DIY ring toss was published on So Fawned this week. It’s easy to make and even more fun to play!


And today I picked up some spray paint for another DIY. I love any excuse to buy craft supplies, don’t you? I’ll show you what it’s for when it’s posted on So Fawned in the next couple of weeks.

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