Five things

American Girl

Last week was exciting, mes amis! Starting with the grand opening of Ottawa’s first American Girl boutique in one of our favourite stores, Chapters! The Rideau Street location is one of just four specialty boutiques across Canada.

photo (31)

My daughter’s pored over the dolls and their accessories in the American Girl catalogues countless times, so she was enchanted to see and touch them in person. And bonus, a goodie bag for every visitor on opening day! Lily has been playing with her doll dining kit all week. (It was in the bag, along with a doll-sized t-shirt Lily put on another doll as soon as we got home.)

bowling 9 all knocked down

We completed another DIY for So Fawned, this DIY pumpkin bowling using toilet paper for pins and mini pumpkins and gourds for the bowling balls. Check out the easy how-to!

Steves birthday cake

Somebody couldn’t keep her fingers out of her dad’s birthday cake. Those are Malteasers around the outside (aka Whoppers in the US).

you wonderful thing you for blog

Sunday the kids were at a playdate for most of the day, so I took some time to write some snail mail. Isn’t it so nice to get a letter in the mail?

gourd table setting

And remember my gourd tea light holders? Last week they were featured on Urban Barn’s blog! I know, what? Hop on over and take a look! (Love Urban Barn!)

Hope you have a great week ahead, everybody.

(Mine aren’t normally this exciting but you know, we try to make our own fun.)

7 thoughts on “Five things

  1. That photo of the cake is adorable! Also, we cannot wait for an American Girl to open up in my Chapters – I would love to bring my niece there because I know she would love too!

  2. I love your little tea lights. Such a great idea! All of the small things add up to a wonderful week. Here’s to more small moments! #shinebloghop

  3. I love your focus on the small things. Our lives are, after all, a compilation of the small things, aren’t they? I think it is wonderful that you take the time to send snail mail. Technology and social media are great, but nothing makes my day like a letter in the mail. Thanks so much for linking up with us at the #shinebloghop,

  4. Congrats, what great coverage and love the little pic of you. xxoo We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason.

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