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Which chair to choose?

Good news, mes amis! No, great news, friends! This week Urban Barn announced the winner of its dining hack contest and wouldn’t you know, it’s me! The gourd tea light holders I made for sofawned won me the title Hostess with the Mostest and a $2,500 gift card to spend at the store. So fun, right? I’ve been wanting to replace our living room chairs for a couple of years –they’re an eyesore after a decade of wear n’ tear — so I think I’ll put most of it toward a new pair. But which ones? Will you help me decide? These are the four in the running:

chairs with numbers 3

1 Chester 2 Devon 3 Groove 4 Russ

I’ve had my heart set on the Chester (#1) for months, sitting in it whenever I was in the store and trying not to drool on the upholstery. It’s got a gorgeous tall back, elegant lines and it’s incredibly comfortable, but when I look at it here with the other chairs and our couch I wonder if it would be the best fit. It’s much more traditional in design, while our couch has a mid-century modern feel. It’s this one here, from eQ3. (You can also see it here in our living room.)

reverie sofaReverie

See what I mean? We should probably go with something more boxy, no? The upholstery is another thing altogether, but we’re probably best to choose a solid since living room is already a cacophony of pattern and colour. The couch is teal against a peachy-brown brick wall and faces two chairs set against a white-and-black wallpapered wall. (Gosh that sounds hideous! But it works. Really.) Maybe I’ll get your thoughts on the colour when we’re at that stage.

But for now, which chair? Should it be the Chester, the Devon, the Groove or the Russ?

Thanks again to Urban Barn for the chance to win and the very generous prize. I can’t wait to go shopping!


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  2. Angela Massis says

    Congratulations! And yes….Chester would definitely be my pick as well, it is so beautiful!

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  4. congrats!! I love number 1, but now that I see the couch I see what you mean. I love the lines of #4 but there is something inviting/comfy looking about #2. Looking forward to seeing what you pick!

  5. Anonymous says

    Hmmm, I love chair # 4 – I think – nice tall back, width through the seat, high enough arms that you can throw you leg over when you read, although #3 seems to have a thicker seat cushion, softer curve on the arm, and the single button on the back works with the couch… ouch-they are all lovely- how to decide. ???? 🙂

  6. Grats hun, to be honest I think your best bet it go in and sit on them. Let your butt decide since it is going to be the one that uses it 🙂

  7. I think all 4 look great, but you guys need to consider the comfort of all your choices. Go into the store and sit in the chairs. Make sure you get something that “fits” all of you. No use getting 2 chairs that are uncomfortable and no one will sit in. That being said they are all beautiful and it is okay to mix and match your stuff!

  8. Anonymous says

    I think # 3 groove works well with your current couch. Yes and congratulations Julie. Cheers Noelle

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