Win all the notebooks!

Hey hey, it’s Friday! How ’bout a little getaway to close out the week? Today you can enter to win a collection of my favourite notebooks, perfect for recording your dreams and goals and daily to-dos. Whatever your heart desires — there’s page after page of possibility, and you can fill them all!


Keep one on your nightstand, throw another in your backpack, stick one (a tiny one) in your pocket. More is More!

photo (84)

Oh Target. I’m so sad you couldn’t make it here in Canada. Your TOMS for Target collection was the best!

photo (83)

For years I thought pretty notebooks like these were too good to use and scribbled my to-do’s on scrap pieces of paper. Then I bit the bullet and wrote in one and it was so… liberating! I feel much more organized having all of my thoughts and lists in one place. And who says that place can’t be pretty too?

photo (82)

Ready to win them all? Click here to enter, then make sure you come back and tell me something about yourself. (I love learning about my readers!) You must leave a comment in order to be eligible. The giveaway is open to Canada and the US and closes Sunday, February 8.

Good luck everybody!

Update February 8: A winner has been chosen — congratulations Lucy Pu

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  1. Five things | try small things

    […] My giveaway has ended, but why not try your luck at these: Aneta has a $150 Visa gift card up for grabs; Helene […]

  2. Five things | try small things

    […] My giveaway has ended, but why not try your luck at these: Aneta has a $150 Visa gift card up for grabs; Helene […]

  3. Suzanne G

    I am from Saskatchewan and am a mom to two great kids and two wonderful grandchildren.

  4. kathy downey

    Notebooks help me be more organized in my daily living,for meal planning,chores and appointments.

  5. Lisa

    I love notebooks and I need them too, I’m always looking around for paper to write things down and then end up losing them lol. This would help me be more organized.

  6. Tammy Dalley

    I love notebooks and love to scribble this would be great

  7. marla

    I’m from Ontario

  8. JM

    I’m a nerd who tries to write poetry.

  9. Joanne Saunders

    I’m 45 years old, live in North York, Ont. And can never have too many notebooks.

  10. magscheung

    I am in the procurement field and that means I negotiate for a living! All the meetings has got me requiring to take really good notes. This would be so useful!

  11. Andrew P (@apham17)

    I work in the I.T field, these would be great for writing down notes

  12. michelle matta

    I kept a diary from 1992 to 2001. They are extremely detailed and mostly about my obsession with a handful of boys and family life with my parents and sister. I’m proud of them and they make me laugh.

  13. carolyn

    Great notebooks – thanks for the contest. Would be great for personal Bible study time.


  14. Theresa Black

    Im gonna be a Grandma in July 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway.

  15. Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

    I am a mom of three sweet boys.

  16. lori b

    i love all these books, I keep one in the car, my purse and in the kitchen, I love making my lists

  17. Debbie S.

    I love notebooks to help keep myself and family organized. I keep lists of many things and when I’m feeling creative I write my thoughts and maybe a little poetry. My daughter in law keeps a journal and I find this quite intriguing, thinking of doing this myself.

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