Win all the notebooks!

Hey hey, it’s Friday! How ’bout a little getaway to close out the week? Today you can enter to win a collection of my favourite notebooks, perfect for recording your dreams and goals and daily to-dos. Whatever your heart desires — there’s page after page of possibility, and you can fill them all!


Keep one on your nightstand, throw another in your backpack, stick one (a tiny one) in your pocket. More is More!

photo (84)

Oh Target. I’m so sad you couldn’t make it here in Canada. Your TOMS for Target collection was the best!

photo (83)

For years I thought pretty notebooks like these were too good to use and scribbled my to-do’s on scrap pieces of paper. Then I bit the bullet and wrote in one and it was so… liberating! I feel much more organized having all of my thoughts and lists in one place. And who says that place can’t be pretty too?

photo (82)

Ready to win them all? Click here to enter, then make sure you come back and tell me something about yourself. (I love learning about my readers!) You must leave a comment in order to be eligible. The giveaway is open to Canada and the US and closes Sunday, February 8.

Good luck everybody!

Update February 8: A winner has been chosen — congratulations Lucy Pu

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  1. Angela Mitchell

    What a fun and cute giveaway. I love notebooks and I love making lists. My family makes fun of me sometimes because of how much I enjoy making lists.

  2. mongupp

    I’m an Aussie girl ☺

  3. Tava

    I’d addicted to notebooks and office supplies in general – it started prepreschool and it’s never gotten better. I like everything from pencil clips to rulers to magnets. It’s a sickness that I’m not prepared to cure.

  4. hmrcarlson

    I have two sets of twins :).

  5. lucy

    I love drinking teas!

  6. KellyPC

    Those notebooks are all gorgeous! I am a master notemaker! I have started using evernote to sync my notes from my ipad, phone, ipod & laptop but I still prefer notebooks & a pen!

  7. krystyl olson

    I am a mom of 2 – 9 year old stepson (he lives with us) and my 3 year old daughter … we are going to become a foster family in 2015! 🙂

  8. butterflyamyc

    I have 5 kids, 2 dogs and lots of fish.

  9. lisa bolduc

    I have one week left of my mat leave! poor me!

  10. Elena

    I like having a lot of notebooks around the house. My kids like to doodle in them and I use them to make lists.

  11. Jenny

    I love anything potato. I could eat it everyday if I could!

  12. newfiechick72

    I love reading and keeping journals….always been favourites of mine.

  13. edmontonjb

    Something about me is I had a stem cell transplant two years ago, this month.


  14. Carolyn Bissett

    More is more indeed. I love these pretty little message before the message notebooks.

  15. nicolthepickle

    I walk on my tippy toes. I’ve done it all my life, and now I see my daughter doing it. Can you imagine an 80 year old lady walking on her toes? That’s going to be me.

  16. doodysmama

    I love writing. Especially in notebooks!

  17. Nicole JubleeW

    I will add items on my to do list that I just finished so that I can check them off 🙂

  18. mintascreations

    I have two boys a teen and a pre-teen and I love blogging, crafting, and entering sweeps, I love these notebooks and would love writing about my dreams and what I would love to attract in life.

  19. Anonymous

    I’m a single momma in Ottawa, ON

  20. Gene D

    I secretly like brussell sprouts…

  21. Krista M

    Notebooks are so handy! I use one at home & another small one in my purse. I use them most for working out my monthly spending budgets. Years ago I got my daughter started on using them for her notes, doodles, journal entries, & to work out school problems.

  22. Pat Drouillard

    i am a grandma of 4

  23. karinespace

    I’m a student graduating this year and I use a lot of notebooks!! These are so pretty!

  24. Melissa M

    I am a mom, I live in Ontario and my daughter just got a hamster! 🙂

  25. Brenda Lacourciere

    I am a grandma of 2 and love to read and write.

  26. andrea amy

    I love notebooks. I’m still very old school. I write things down (I do not use an online calendar), I still use CDs and DVDs, and I only read books made of actual paper (that is when I get a chance. I also have 5 sons so don’t read as much as I would like).

  27. Stephanie Lyell

    I am so excited for the giveaway! I just posted a blog post about how I am in LOVE with stationery.

    My name is Stephanie and I am the founder & editor of 🙂 I am 21 years old, and I am obsessed with pugs, skulls, gnomes, unicorns – Yep, Odd combination! I tend to be pretty weird – and I love making people laugh!

    I would love to know more about you too!

    Crossing my fingers on this one!

  28. alexanernberg

    Hello. I am a 53 year old gal, married and mom to two young adult men (Kyle, 25 and Regan, 24 this May). My favorite hobby is entering, and winning, sweepstakes and blog giveaways. I am a stroke survivor.


    I’m a mom to an amazing little boy

  30. talah

    I’m a mom of two kids and live in Ontario

  31. josephine evans

    Mom from Halifax, NS and have two boys

  32. beewbedard

    I am currently living in Winnipeg and I LOVE things made from paper too – especially BOOKS xo

  33. lyn212

    I’m a mom of three girls and live in Ontario

  34. Carolle H

    I am from NB and I would give those notebooks to my nieces they love those

  35. La Cuisine d’Helene

    I collect notebooks and fountain pens. I love to buy them and I want more 🙂 I write all the time and always have one with me. I have them in all sizes. As for fountain pens I love to change colors all the time, and try new ones.

  36. Jenn Erin

    I like to sing in the shower~

  37. Amanda F

    Hey there, I am a Mother of two children, a partner to Tim and I live in Manitoba, Canada

  38. Carolyn

    I love to binge watch TV while I binge blog (create and schedule enough posts for a week or two)

  39. nomnombearinyvr

    I’m old school! I still write shopping lists using paper and pen and daily journals. I secretly love baking, but never want to eat what I bake.


  40. truckerofbc

    Im 42, and I have 3 children and I drive a truck.

  41. Joy

    Notebooks are fun! I still prefer to write things down rather than to use technology to keep track of things. Something about myself….. hmmmmm…. i am not very interesting i ‘m afraid – i love owls and birds and animals; i love to read! And spend too much time watching tv and on the internet…thanks for the contest!

  42. Lori Whetstone

    I love giving little notebooks like these as gifts!

  43. HS

    I love note books, I’m always a paper/pen gal.

  44. zoe monteleone

    Something about me is I am a future US Navy nurse 🙂

  45. Phyllis Anderson

    Some of us use these lovely notebooks to keep us organized, some of us (as in me) use them to remember what the heck we are doing 🙂

  46. kathy downey

    Hi I’m Kathy and these notebooks would be awesome because I keep daily notes for just about everything

  47. Shauna841505

    Oh my gosh I LOVEEEE all the notebooks! I used to have the same problem with not writing in them…because a brand new notebook is heaven to me! 🙂

  48. homewithaneta

    My favorite colour is blue, girl things kinda pissed me off when they are too pink or purple. If i dont put Arias hair up ppl always think she’s a boy as she wears a lot of navy and superhero clothes.

  49. try small things

    Sorry about that, Elizabeth. The link works now. I’d love to embed the rafflecopter in the post but apparently you can only do it with a self-hosted blog. 😦

  50. lizbethjoy

    hey, I cannot get the rafflecopter to work. Can you embed it in this post so we don’t have to click away?

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