Five things

Sorry, did you say something? I’ve had my head in a book the past couple of weeks and I feel like half of me is elsewhere. Which is so wonderful, isn’t it? When was the last time you got lost in a great book?

etta and otto

I started Emma Hooper’s Etta and Otto and Russell and James one night last week and stayed up ’til 1 in the morning to finish it. And wanted to start it all over again, it was that good. I’ll tell you more about it this week.


What do you think about the Nate Berkus pillow in front? I obsessed about it for a couple of weeks before bringing it home to try it out. Hubs thinks it’s too 80s, but I’m kind of liking how it contrasts with the black and white pillow and picks up on the peach in the brick. I’m just wondering if I’ll tire of it. What do you think? Keep, or return to Target while I still can? (I’ve got two of them.)

candy hearts for blog

So happy to see the Valentine candy at the Bulk Barn. Hearts are cute year-round!

lily thimblecakes

Happiness is finding a leftover cupcake in the fridge, this one from ThimbleCakes.

jan hm doggie

And January’s Happy Mail is here! I’m sending some of this month’s collection to Aneta, Carolyn, Janey, Brian, Linda and Renee. Would you like some happy mail too? Email your name and address to me at trysmallthings@yahoo.ca and I’ll pop a note in the mail to the first 10 people to respond, wherever you are in the world.

Have a great week, everybody!

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  1. La Cuisine d’Helene

    Thank you, I put the book on order at the library and I am #108. Do you think it’s worth to buy this book instead of waiting one year to read it from the library? I bought the same candies, they are so cute. And I love your pillow 🙂

    1. try small things

      I knew you had good taste, Helene. 🙂 You won’t go wrong buying a copy (it’s one of my favourite books ever!) but I’d be happy to lend you one (I’ve got two copies, one from Penguin and one that I won). Send me your address and I’ll pop it in the mail!

  2. ourhollydaysblog

    Love the pillow & love the weenie dog card! 🙂

  3. Phyllis Anderson

    My vote – keep the pillows, would love to read the book and just to be sharing in the happy feelings that real mail brings, hope to get a piece of Happy Mail.

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