Five things

We had our big Thanksgiving dinner last night so we’ve been pretty low-key today. The menfolk have been watching Bob Vila’s Home Again on the Interwebs (can you believe it’s 25 years old?), the kiddos playing with Lego, and me baking all the things. How was your day?

five things oct 12

  1. #TBT to October 2012 and a visit to the Valleyview Little Animal Farm for a birthday party.
  2. Thanksgiving dessert, and my first time making pumpkin pie. Do you have a favourite pumpkin pie recipe to share?
  3. What we want to do after all that pie.
  4. A carrot bouquet at the farmer’s market.
  5. Coming up in the next couple of weeks here on try small things: reviews of Butter Celebrates! A Year of Sweet Recipes to Share with Family and Friends and Lovable Livable Home; warming up for winter with minted, reviews of two new Canadian subscription boxes, and the latest innovation from Lampe Berger.

Have a great week, everybody! Talk to you again soon.

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