Five Things
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Five things

What happened to all of our beautiful fall colours? It’s been so windy the past couple of days that most of them are already off the trees. Before I go pick up the rake, here’s a couple of notes on recent happenings. 

fall fest ghost cookies a couple of squares card box

  1. A gorgeous Sunday afternoon at the park. (And yes I had to plead with them to hold hands.)
  2. I was all happy when my girlfriend Renee told me Target was shipping to Canada, then bummed when I saw how ridiculously expensive it is. Then I found these milk and cookies cookies and was all happy again. Never underestimate the power of a good cookie. (These ones were at The Second Cup, they’re from the London, Ontario bakery A Couple of Squares.)
  3. More cookies from A Couple of Squares, these ones from Chapters/Indigo. Apparently I have a thing for cute cookies. Did you have many ghosts and goblins for Halloween?
  4. My favourite card from Sea and Lake in Sendtiment’s October CardBox. The monthly greeting card and social stationary subscription box ships from Toronto and it’s packed with all kinds of fun goodies.
  5. Last week I ordered my Christmas cards from Minted and oh my gosh, guys! They look so fantastic! I wish I could show you, but then they wouldn’t be a surprise. 😦 Don’t forget to enter to win a $100 credit for your own Minted holiday cards, right here on try small things. (And if you’re already entered, best of luck!)

Now, anyone want to help me with the leaves?


    • Thank you, Emily! You’re right, the pink and red is SO Kate Spade! Sadly, we haven’t made much progress on the leaves but now that our tree is nearly bare maybe we’ll just have to do it once.

  1. Your photos are always so beautiful, Julie! I love those cute cookies! They kind of remind me of the ones you did of the cupcakes!

  2. reneemleblanc says

    Well, I did just hear from someone that Target has shipping for a flat rate of $20 to Canada now……..

  3. Phyllis Anderson says

    Good luck with the raking…. the kids will have a ball jumping into them. Love the cookies and the card. And yes, what another wonderful fall/summer day? (I am wearing sandals.)

    • The kids did a great job raking the first leaves that fell, but we didn’t manage to get them into bags. 😦 Maybe I can convince them to give it another go?

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