Lovable Livable Home by Sherry and John Petersik

Lovable Livable Home trysmallthings

In the follow-up to their bestseller Young House Love, superstar bloggers/designers Sherry and John Petersik return with a gorgeous, relatable guide to help readers bridge the gap between how we want our homes to look, feel, and function, and how they actually do. Lovable Livable Home is one of my favourite new books for its design solutions — doable projects and quick fixes that can bring order and personality to our spaces in an hour or a few afternoons. 

Boring built-ins become lively with a coat of bright paint, a ceiling medallion doubles as a stencil for a beautiful wallpaper effect, and wooden storage crates make the perfect shelves to corral the flotsam and jetsam in an entryway. These are projects I can actually see myself doing, in spaces I can actually see myself living in. They’re family homes that work and play hard, inviting homes with style and soul.


Lovable Livable Home Take Focus off the TV Todd Wright

Included are several befores and afters from Sherry and John’s own homes, where they share lessons they’ve learned as their needs and styles evolved.

I love the she said/he said feature where Sherry and John discuss how to talk someone into a purchase (Sherry) and how to talk someone out it (John). I’d like to see more of these. Perhaps in a third book?

Lovable Livable Home sleeping spaces Todd Wright

Lovable Livable Home gave me lots of house envy for sure, but it also gave the inspiration and how-to’s to tackle some of the things that have been driving me crazy for years. (The mess of artwork blanketing the dining room table, for starters.) It’s a great resource for even the most beginner DIYer and a welcome tribute to family friendly spaces.

Thank you to Thomas Allen & Son for sending me a copy of Lovable Livable Home to review. Images excerpted from Lovable Livable Home by Sherry Petersik and John Petersik (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2015. Photographs by Todd Wright.

11 responses to “Lovable Livable Home by Sherry and John Petersik”

  1. I love this book! So many personal touches for around the home that I’ll have to try. I think the painted crates for clothing storage at the front door are a must for our home now! Such a great idea!

  2. I can totally see this being a great book to have. I’m loving the idea of it being for the everyday Joe. I enjoy doing projects around the home and find that so many books are focused on either the professional with a workshop or someone with an endless flow of money that could probably have afforded to purchase an item to put in place without building or organizing. I will definitely be checking this out….Great write-up!

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