Four fun ways to decorate easter eggs

Decorating eggs at Easter is my idea of a good time. Also, eating chocolate. But that goes without saying. Here are four fun ways of decorating we’ve tried (the eggs below are all ours) and links to the how-to’s. Hop to it and have fun! 

four ways to decorate Easter eggs.png

1. A Subtle Revelry‘s painted polka dot eggs kept my 6- and 8-year-olds busy for a good half hour, without any tears of frustration. (Win win!)

2. Obsessed with all things pineapple so naturally, pineapple easter eggs. (Thanks for the idea, Brit + Co!)

3. Sarah Gunn at Canadian Living made the cutest strawberry eggs, and I just had to try them. I think these are my favourite this year.

4. And traditional dyed eggs in wee nests from the dollar store. I dripped a few drops of gel food colouring on the eggs and spread it all around with my hands, then wiped it off with a paper towel to get the slight variations in colour. Makes a cute table setting! (And yes, my hands were blue for a while.)

How are you decorating eggs this Easter?

10 responses to “Four fun ways to decorate easter eggs”

  1. How beautiful and artistic. Love the eggs as much as the photography (and the new image of the author… very Hepburnish)

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