Who Broke the Teapot?! by Bill Slavin

Some days (okay, a lot of days) it doesn’t make me much to fly off the handle, so I can totally relate to the mom in Bill Slavin’s Who Broke the Teapot?!Her favourite teapot is broken (seriously! can we ever have nice things?) and no one is fessing up. Was it Dad, lounging about in his underwear with the paper? How ’bout Cat, tangled up in a ball of yarn? Or maybe Baby (don’t underestimate the little ones!) sitting in his highchair? Or was it someone else? 

Quirky illustrations (the style feels very 70s to me) in saturated colours take us through a very relatable episode in a chaotic family home.

Who Broke the Teapot by Bill Slavin spread 1

Oh I know that hairy eyeball. That is classic right there.

Who Broke the Teapot by Bill Slavin spread 2

The rhyming scheme makes for a fun read aloud and my eight-year-old daughter (eight-going-on-14) has taken great pleasure in sharing her dramatic rendition with us several times and pointing out some of the funny details in the pictures. And of course my kids LOVE the ending. It’s kids 1, mom 0. How often does that happen in real life?

Who Broke the Teapot?! is a cute new picture book that’ll keep the little ones guessing and make you laugh at yourself.

Images 2 and 3 by Bill Slavin and shared here with permission from the publisher. Penguin Random House Canada sent me a copy of Who Broke the Teapot?! in exchange for a review. It cracked me up. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

10 responses to “Who Broke the Teapot?! by Bill Slavin”

  1. Looks like a fun read to share with your grandchildren and a little ones’ birthday. Always love your reviews. Canada could have sent one to Princess Charlotte for her first birthday yesterday.

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