Thursday Plantation essential oils + A giveaway!

Like kindness, blush and hot sauce, a little essential oil goes a long way. Do you swear by essential oils? I only started using them a few weeks ago when Thursday Plantation sent me three to try. Oil bet you can guess which ones, but did you know there are hundreds of ways to use them? 

Thursday Plantation DIY natural makeup brush cleaner 2

For a quick and natural makeup brush cleaner, add six drops of tea tree oil and four drops of lavender oil to 1/4 cup of water, spray onto your brushes and wipe off with a tissue. The tea tree oil disinfects and reduces bacteria, and the lavender oil disinfects, soothes and smells wonderful.

I’ve also tried spraying my pillow with water mixed with a few drops of lavender oil to help me relax before bed. The first time I found the lavender so strong I couldn’t sleep for the smell (ha ha, kind of counterproductive) and had to switch pillows, but I’ve sprayed more sparingly since and feel like it’s helping me fall asleep quicker.

Have you tried putting a drop of lavender oil on a bee sting or a bug bite? It’s said to reduce reduce swelling and relieve itchiness. And a little lavender on a skinned knee or cut will help stop bleeding, clean the wound and kill bacteria.

Thursday Plantation eucalyptus oil bright

Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the bath can help you breathe easier when you feel a cold coming on (dang those summer colds!) and ease any muscle aches and pains.

You can also dab it on stains before throwing your clothes in the wash (I’ve tried it on fresh ketchup and tea stains and they disappeared!) add a few drops to the toilet bowl to eliminate odours, put a few drops on a cloth to rub off stubborn stickers and their sticky-ness and put a few drops on your vacuum cleaner filter for a fresh scent.

I like tea tree oil for taking down the swelling on a pimple, soothing sunburns and rashes (we’re pale folk and burn easily) and mixed with water and sprayed on stinky sneakers and sandals to remove bacteria and make them smell better. I’m also keen to try it as a mouth wash and on a wool dryer ball to naturally freshen up the laundry.

Thursday Plantation essential oils are available in Canada at most Loblaws supermarkets, Walmart, Whole Foods, Rexall, Nature’s Emporium, and many independent health food stores.


Would you like to try these Thursday Plantation oils? As part of its 100 Uses for Thursday Plantation (#100usesforTP) campaign, I’ve got two sets of 100% pure, 100% natural lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oil to give away.

To enter to win a set, tell me one of the ways you already use or would like to use essential oils in the comments below. (I love hearing your ideas!)

For additional entries, follow me on TwitterInstagram and/or Facebook and subscribe to the blog (one entry per follow; scroll down for the form to subscribe) and tell me your handle/s there in the comments below.

You may also tweet the following once per day and leave the url for your tweet in the comments below (one entry per tweet).

Have you discovered essential oils? #Win a set from Thursday Plantation and @trysmallthings! CAN 7/15 #100usesforTP

The giveaway is open to Canadian residents 18+ (excluding Quebec) and ends at 11:59 pm EST on July 15, 2016.

Update July 18, 2016: Congratulations to Julie H and Sarah F!

Thursday Plantation sent me a set of three essential oils to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

484 thoughts on “Thursday Plantation essential oils + A giveaway!

  1. I use peppermint to help with my migraines; it is supposed to help with them, and I find that it does, a little bit.

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