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First look: Shopping the Rideau Centre’s *ah-mazing* new expansion

When a three-year, $360-million project finally wraps up, naturally you celebrate with champagne — and lots of it! Such was the case at last night’s preview of the Rideau Centre‘s *ah-mazing* new four-storey expansion (only the bubbly was blue). I went with my favourite shopping buddy, Carolyn from The Fashion Fix, and enjoyed pretty nibblies while we shopped some of the 21 new stores. Simons. H&M. Anthropologie. Massimo Dutti. A new Zara. All gorgeous spaces with merch that is be-yond and more that we didn’t get to because heels and concrete floors. Here’s some of the highlights. 

cf rideau carolyn entry

Straight from work and cocktail chic. Carolyn turned heads in her blush Jones New York.

cf rideau dean emily chantsy 2

Ottawa’s who’s who were all there, including Emily from The Best of This Life, Chantal from Mode Exlusive and Emily’s friend Dean.

cf rideau centre chloe gordon

Chloë from xochloegordon.

cf rideau squish happy birthday

Squish treated us to samples of their strawberry rhubarb gourmet gummies and sent us home with more. You know, to revive us after all that shopping.

cf rideau hm mannequins

*cue the angels singing* Finally, an H&M downtown. Many prayers have been answered. (I’m a bit disappointed we won’t be getting the home line — we’ll have to go to Montreal and Toronto for that.)

cf rideau hm panther dress 2

Here kitty kitty.

cf rideau hm purse

cf rideau massimo dutti backpack

Gorgeous menswear and accessories at Zara’s sister store, Massimo Dutti.

cf rideau centre massimo duty white dress

Matched only by the women’s line.

cf rideau centre massimo dutti carolyn

Carolyn models two pieces from Massimo Dutti’s exclusive New York collection — so exclusive it’s in store just for one week! (I know this photo’s a little grainy but a look this stunning needs to be shared.)

cf rideau anthropologie mugs

Anthropologie. In Ottawa. This is next-level shopping.

cf rideau centre anthropology dream decor

I love a good vignette, and Anthropologie does them very, very well. Will Taylor’s Dream Decor is perfection alongside the boho-luxe bedding and mudcloth-inspired vases. (I reviewed Dream Decor here in June. Just saying.)

cf rideau centre anthropologie latte bowls peach

How convenient, they’re already in a basket so I can carry them home. (For all of the Anthropologie I want in my life it might be easier to move in.)

cf rideau anthropology the farmhouse cookbook

cf rideau centre anthropologie purchase

Carolyn bought this stunning Marimbula necklace.

cf rideau zara shoes

And put these Zara beauties on her wish list. (Not a Christmas wish list, silly! More like a next payday wish list.)

Ready to do a shopping tour de force? What new-to-Ottawa stores are you excited to shop?

13 thoughts on “First look: Shopping the Rideau Centre’s *ah-mazing* new expansion

  1. Looks like a conspicuous consumer’s dream.
    “If I had a million dollars……..”
    Love the shots, would love to see the “author” in some of the pics…

    1. The Simons is *huge* and there’s so much to choose from at Squish — you won’t know where to start! (Where maybe start with the pineapple gummies or the sweet and sour brains — you can ask for a sample!)

  2. Can’t wait to see what you splurged on! Must know details! Looks like so many great stores were added, very exciting.

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