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It’s here! Inside October’s Sweet Reads Box

If you’ve been dying to see what’s inside October’s Sweet Reads Box, wait no more! I just wanted to give everyone who’d ordered one the chance to open it up and be surprised but since they shipped from Ontario last Monday (they go out on the 15th of every month), I think it’s safe to do an unboxing. If you missed last month’s post, Sweet Reads Box is a new Canadian subscription service for book lovers that includes a new novel and some treats connected to the story. Co-founders Kerrie and Mark sent me the October box free of charge to share with you here. So let’s get to it! 

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 inside flap

Each box comes with a card that lists the contents and how they relate to the book.

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 looking at inside card

One side of the card includes a lyric from Leonard Cohen’s Anthem: (one of Tiffany Pratt‘s favourites): “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 opening inside tissue

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 Faithful by Alice Hoffman profile

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 Faithful by Alice Hoffman cover

October’s book is Faithful by Alice Hoffman, released just this past August. “We first read a novel by Alice Hoffman many years ago and loved her mixture of magic and storytelling,” Kerrie and Mark say. “Faithful is set in one of our favourite cities (NYC) and features a young woman searching for herself after an unthinkable tragedy. Not only will you love Shelby’s unique journey through life, you will also be captivated by her search to understand how one woman comes to terms with the events of her past so she can take on the future.”

I’ve never read anything by Alice Hoffman, but I’m intrigued. Here’s the description from the back of the book:

“Shelby Richmond is an ordinary girl, until one night an extraordinary tragedy changes her fate: her best friend’s future is destroyed in an accident, while Shelby walks away without a scratch — although she’s plagued by heartbreak and guilt. Then the first anonymous postcard arrives: SAY SOMETHING. With support from her dedicated mother, Shelby moves to New York City, where the people she meets — flawed, loving, mysterious — help her learn to forgive herself. As more postcards arrive — DO SOMETHING, LOVE SOMETHING — the world opens to Shelby. Guided by her best friend, a sassy single mother of three, her good-hearted boyfriend who she wishes could be the “one”; and the dark angel who has been following her since that fateful night, Shelby realizes that saving others can help save herself. In the end, Shelby ultimately can bravely face the future.” 

What do you think? Does Faithful sound like something you’d like to read?

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 Templeman's Cashew Crunch with Milk Chocolate

Next, Templeman’s Toffee’s cashew crunch with milk chocolate. “We fell in love with this confection when we first tried it,” say Kerrie and Mark. “As the main character is fond of Chinese food we chose a toffee with cashews, which are often found in Chinese dishes.” Well aren’t they clever? I ate the entire bag in a couple of sittings — it’s delicious! — and love that it’s gluten free and made right here in Ontario.

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 Hatley Tiny Blue Labs crew socks

How cute! These are the Tiny Blue Labs crew socks from Canadian brand Hatley. “From the moment Shelby steals another woman’s dogs, to her ongoing love of animals, these socks are the answer to cold October days.” I love them for me, but I think I’ll tuck them away for my hubby for Christmas.

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 Hatley Things to Fetch notepad

“Things to Fetch” notepad, also by Hatley. “We could picture this on Shelby’s fridge as a reminder to keep organized in a fun way,” say Kerrie and Mark. It’s cute eh? Like the socks, I love it for me but might gift it to a friend with pups who would appreciate it even more. (Gahh! Part of me is feeling guilty for not giving the cashew crunch to my gluten-free friend Kirsten. Or Alayne!)

Sweet Reads Box October Mark My Words Bookmarks

But these I will happily keep. They’re the “Mark My Words” bookmarks by Fred (the same company that made the adorable pink elephant tea steeper in September’s box).

October Sweet Reads Box Kyoto Coffee Fresh Roast

And I’m not a coffee drinker, but I’ll save the Kyoto Coffee for my hubby. “Americans love their coffee and this story takes place in New York City,” say Kerrie and Mark. “We chose a favourite local roaster, Kyoto Coffee, for the beverage this month.” Kyoto Coffee is based in Lakefield, Ontario. While I can’t vouch for the taste, I love how the Sweet Reads Box includes a few Canadian-made products. (Maybe in the future we’ll see a novel by a Canadian author? I wonder if Miriam Toews or Heather O’Neill will have anything coming out soon.)

Sweet Reads Box October 2017 New York magnetic map

This box is packed with treats! Finally, a magnetic map of New York by Kikkerland (who also makes all kinds of fantastic products). “What better way to follow along Shelby’s journey?” say Kerrie and Mark.

I’m really happy with October’s box. I’m excited to read the book and love how each of the products not only fit with the story, but are something I can use and enjoy or enjoy gifting. I know several people who would be thrilled to be surprised with a box, and would love to see it arrive at my own door every month.

The Sweet Reads Box sells for $49.99 + $12 shipping (currently shipping in Canada) and signing up for the Sweet Reads Box newsletter will get you a 10% discount on 3- and 6-month subscriptions. Be sure to follow Sweet Reads Box on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter for news and hints about future boxes.

What do you think of the October’s Sweet Reads Box? What book or items would you like to see?

I received October’s Sweet Reads Box free of charge to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

14 thoughts on “It’s here! Inside October’s Sweet Reads Box

  1. I’ve gone ahead and placed a hold on Faithful at the library – I like everything in this box! Thanks for sharing photos of all the goodies received!

  2. That cashew crunch DOES look great! No guilt necessary! What a wonderfully thought-out package. Just perfect!!!

  3. Ive read a lot about this Sweet Reads box and it sounds wonderful! I love the selection of items they chose

  4. Wow, what a great selection!! And you’ll love Alice Hoffman! She’s one of my favourite authors! I, too, would love to see Canadian authors on a Canadian box. Have you read Heather O’Neill’s latest- The Lonely Hearts Hotel?? It’s on my TBR shelf!

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