Spruce up your holiday decor with an evergreen DIY yule use all year round

I partnered with Staples Canada who sponsored this fun DIY post. The creative content and opinions are my own.

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make your holiday cards part of your decor, have I got a plum pudding of an idea for you! DIY — and by that I mean Display Individual Yuletides — with this festive and evergreen display yule want to use all year round.

To make an evergreen card display like this one, yule need:

Staples Christmas Card Display Grill Rose Gold Spray Paint before

Step 1: Spray paint the gridwall (outside or in a well-ventilated area) and leave to dry.

Staples Christmas Card Display spray painting

Staples Christmas Card Display spray painting close up

Staples DIY Christmas Card Organizer Grill cards binger clips ribbon and washi tape

Step 2: Gather your cards, binder clips and any other decorative elements that jingle your bells. I jazzed up a couple of the black binder clips with washi tape, but you could also paint them or leave them as is.

Step 3: Hang the gridwall with a couple of nails (it’s heavy, so you might prefer to use screws and wall plugs but ours is holding up just fine without them).

Staples DIY action shot

Step 4: Attach your cards with binder clips and decorate with ribbons, ornaments, lights and whatever else you fancy.

Staples Christmas Card DIY Organizer Grill feature image

Staples DIY Christmas Card Organizer Grill cards and ornaments close up

Before I put anything on it the gridwall seemed rather large, but with the 20 or so Christmas cards we get over year I know it’ll fill up fast.

Staples Canada DIY Christmas Card Organizer Display Grill finished product

And when the holiday season’s over stow the cards out of sight, and for new year’s calendars and notices, this display is just right.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have cards to finish tonight. Happy Holidays to all. I hope your new year is bright!

12 responses to “Spruce up your holiday decor with an evergreen DIY yule use all year round”

  1. What a fantastic idea! I imagine I would get use of this year round. I could clean off the fridge and make this our family point of “what’s up” instead of the fridge. Nice! Thanks

  2. I love this DIY card display, that it’s evergreen (pun absolutely intended), and works year round in a bunch of different ways or places. It is perfect for the front hall, kids rooms, or my home office area. Even for a birthday or anniversary to display a collection of past birthdays or anniversary pics, like a photo journal over the years. Could even include cards or mementos (movie or concert tickets, love letters, dried flowers) to the display. Great job Julie!

    • A photo journal over the years — oh I love that idea! Thank you Cathy! Now I want to clean our tiny third bedroom (which is really too small to be a bedroom so we use it as a catch-all) just so I can make an office and put another one up there!

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