Quick DIY pom pom magnets for last-minute gifting

I partnered with Staples Canada who sponsored this fun DIY post. The creative content and opinions are my own.

I’m flattered if you think I’ve got it all together for Christmas but ha! That is so not true. The house is upside down, the tree is bare (we just brought one home last night), I have gifts to wrap and groceries to get, and I should probably wash my hair at some point. If this is you too (and I kind of love you if it is), you might feel like you don’t have time for one more thing but yes you do, because this DIY last-minute gift is quick and easy like you won’t believe. 

To make DIY pom pom magnets you’ll need:

  • pom poms (available at any craft or dollar store, or you can make your own)
  • magnets (I used these ones from Staples)
  • a glue gun with glue (mine is as old as the hills, but Staples carries them too)

Step 1: Heat up your glue gun and put hot glue on the magnet. (Don’t skimp on the glue, you’ll want those pom poms to really stick.)

DIY pom pom magnet pressing glue to hold

Step 2: Press the pom pom into the glue and hold for 30 seconds or so or until the glue sets.

Staples packing DIY pom pom magnets 2

Then pack up as few or as many as you like and they’re ready to gift!

Staples DIY pom pom magnets four in a box 2

Staples DIY pom pom magnets boxed 2

A few homemade pom pom magnets would be super cute paired with a magnetic dry erase board, don’t you think?

Staples pom pom magnet on Christmas card display 1

Use them to jazz up your DIY Christmas card display, or any other magnetic surface you’ve got in the house. (As it happens, we have very few.)

Staples pom pom magnet on stove 2

Rudolph the Red Nosed Stove, ha ha.

Anything with pom poms is hot hot hot right now so if you’ve got someone in your life who loves them, I think they’ll love these too.

Here’s ho-ho-hoping you’ll give them a try!

How are you doing with your holiday prep? Talk to me, people! We’ve got this. I know it.

6 responses to “Quick DIY pom pom magnets for last-minute gifting”

  1. Very snazzy, Who says you need to be a cheerleader to work with Pom Poms… Love the ideas.
    How about a pom pom on a ponytail or a small one for a Christmas cat collar.

  2. I remember making these when I was younger (years and years ago) It is a great idea for cleaning. I must give it a try to make one again.

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