Happy New Year! • January is for…

Happy New Year! I hope you’re looking to the future today and seeing all the good things. I’m seeing a few more days lounging around the house in our jammies before my guys go back to school, and maybe a trip to IKEA before the week is out. Too long in between trips to IKEA and I start to get the shakes, ha ha. Here’s what else I’m up to this month. 

Starting / Back at The Dailey Method barre + cycle fitness studio, which I haven’t been to in a month. I put my membership on hold over the holidays because I just couldn’t fit it in but I’ll be back on the bike this week!

Going / To Florida! We’re planning to rent a house with my brother-in-law and his hubby to visit my great-aunt (who has a place down there) and my mother-in-law (who’s spending the winter with her) and take the kids to Disney World, MGM Studios and other attractions in the Orlando area. What else should we see? (Besides every Target in the area, obvs.)

ReadingThe Woman in the Window (just ordered today!), back issues of Belong Magazine, and the surprise novel inside January’s Sweet Reads Box, which should arrive somewhere around the 17th (watch for a giveaway near the end of the month!).

Trying / Recipes from A Beautiful Mess Weekday Weekend: How to Live a Healthy Veggie Life… And Still Eat Treats and Scandinavian Gatherings: From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast — 70 Recipes and Crafts for Everyday Occasions.

Wearing / This t-shirt, these pants (in Florida) and this puffer coat (here at home in the frozen tundra that is Ottawa).

Celebrating / My birthday! First with dinner at home with my family on the actual day, then lunch and pedis with my friend Cathy later in the week.

Wanting / To tell you all about a super exciting project Cathy and I have been working on with one of our favourite brands (eeek!) but that’ll have to wait ’til the middle of the month or so.

What about you? What are you starting/trying/reading/celebrating this month? Tell me what’s good!

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year! • January is for…

  1. Don’t forget every Hobby LObby, my new favourite store in the US. Also Universal and Harry Potter World. YOu have to buy admission to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, but so very worth it

    1. Oh Hobby Lobby! Yes! And Joann’s, right? Isn’t that like Michael’s? Thanks for the suggestions, Linda. Steve’s worried we won’t have enough to do but now (thanks to you!) I have a couple more ideas! (My guys would LOVE Harry Potter World.)

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