My Floral Affair by Rachel Ashwell

CICO Books sent me a copy of My Floral Affair in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and from the heart. 

If we ever have a backyard where we can actually grow anything, I would love to plant a lush cutting garden and create fanciful arrangements of fresh flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes (especially fluffy peonies, also said to be Meghan Markle’s favourite) for every room of the house. But flowers don’t have to be fresh to bring life and light to a space. In her new (and tenth!) book, My Floral Affair: Whimsical Spaces and Beautiful Florals, shabby chic doyenne Rachel Ashwell shows how flower-inspired design — be it in wallpaper, lighting or architectural details — can bring drama and playfulness and calm into bloom. 

My Floral Affair by Rachel Ashwell Photography by Amy Neunsinger cover

The book showcases grand locations, humble homes and artists’ studios in England, Paris, Norway and Los Angeles. Rachel and photographer Amy Neunsinger travelled together to each one and the journey captured in the book is a testament to the gardeners, artists and residents who tend to those spaces and the powerful impact of flowers in every form.

My Floral Affair 1

A casual bouquet of cornflowers and sweet peas in a storybook cottage in the English countryside.

My Floral Affair 2

A prism chandelier dotted with porcelain flowers hangs in an 11-bedroom English home with a boho vibe.

My Floral Affair 4

A stunning trompe d’oeil mural in the formal dining room of a country retreat in Bergen, Norway is the backdrop for a romantic urn of hydrangea and roses.

For its sumptuous photographs and lessons in both interior and floral design, My Floral Affair is both a stunning coffee table book and a useful and inspiring design resource. Remember this one for a birthday, housewarming, wedding or Mother’s Day and gift it with a bouquet.

Images 2, 3, 4 and the cover by Amy Neunsinger and shared here with permission from CICO Books. 

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  1. Ellustar

    Reblogged this on SEO.

  2. kathy downey

    Plants and flowers can make al the difference in how a space looks and feels

  3. Phyllis Anderson

    Love your review and the offer of simplicity. My home is adorned with rich green beautiful large plants and there’s nothing like a bouquet of bright colored flowers in a simple vase to enhance all my greenery.

    1. try small things

      Plants and flowers bring so much life to a space! 🌿💐

  4. Creative Cat

    Ahh, thinking of Spring now! Beautiful book!

    1. try small things

      Isn’t it gorgeous? I need to buy a coffee table just so I can display it on top! 💐

  5. jemrah1

    peonies are my favourite too !

    1. try small things

      The fluffier the better! 🙂

    2. Barbara Ann

      Me too! Love them!

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