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What’s Inside July’s Sweet Reads Box

I received July’s Sweet Reads Box free of charge to review. All opinions are my own and from the heart. 

What kind of books do you like for summer? A light romance? A mystery that keeps you guessing? An epic historical drama spanning four generations? Or do you like to read the same kinds of stories year-round? July’s Sweet Reads Box features a bestselling family saga told in more than 500 pages and some treats tied to the story to enjoy while you’re reading. 

Sweet Reads Box July 2018 legend 2

Each box comes with a legend that lists the contents on one side and a quote related to the story on the other. This month’s features a Japanese Proverb: “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.”

Sweet Reads Box July 2018 Pachinko

This month’s novel is the 2017 bestseller, Pachinko.

“History is seldom kind. In Min Jin Lee’s bestselling, magisterial epic, four generations of a poor, proud immigrant family fight to control their destinies, exiled from a homeland they never knew.

In the early 1900s, teenaged Sunja, the adored daughter of a crippled fisherman, falls for a wealthy stranger at the seashore near her home in Korea. He promises her the world, but when she discovers she is pregnant — and that her lover is married — she refuses to be bought. Instead, she accepts an offer of marriage from a gentle, sickly minister passing through on his way to Japan. But her decision to abandon her home and to reject her son’s powerful father sets off a dramatic saga that will echo down through the generations.

Richly told and profoundly moving, Pachinko is a story of love, sacrifice, ambition, and loyalty. From the bustling street markets to the halls of Japan’s finest universities to the pachinko parlours of the criminal underworld, Lee’s complex and passionate characters — strong, stubborn women, devoted sisters and sons, fathers shaken by moral crisis — survive and thrive against the indifferent arc of history.”

Sweet Reads Box July 2018 Sweet Candy Sushi

Also in the box: candy sushi from Sweet C Bakery.

Sweet Reads Box July 2018 Kikkerland Tea Fishermen

Tea fishermen tea bag holders from Kikkerland.

Sweet Reads Box July 2018 Sencha Green Tea

Sencha Green Tea from The London Tea Company.

Sweet Reads Box July 2018 SuGu Beauty face masks

And egg white and cucumber sheet masks from SuGu Beauty.

Weet Reads Box July 2018 full contents

I love LOVE this month’s box. The book is right up my alley and I’m thrilled with all but one of the clever extras (I’m not a fan of green tea, but I’ll keep it on hand for visitors).

A single Sweet Reads Box costs $54.99 CAD + $12 CAD shipping, with a 10% discount on three- and six-month subscriptions. Follow Sweet Reads Box on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for bookish news, live chats with authors, discounts and other updates.

Want to see what’s in previous boxes? You’ll find my all of my reviews here.

What would you like to see in a Sweet Reads Box?

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