“I don’t want to get organized” said no one ever + A giveaway!

Thomas Allen & Son sent me my favourites from the Pipsticks X Workman Publishing collab in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and from the heart. 


I love September for all of the usual reasons, but even more so this year because I’m starting it with a super fun planner that’s going to help me get a grip on all of the things I’ve let slide and crush my goals. The vast majority of which will not require leaving the house. #killingit #pajamasarelife I know, now you’re over there all TELL ME MORE and as luck would have it, I’m over here (in my pj’s) all OKAY I WILL. 

Pipsticks x Workman Dreamer planner sticker book big ideas inside

The This Changes Everything 2019 Planner (spanning August 2018 to December 2019) is part of the new Pipsticks X Workman Publishing gift line, which includes a notekeeper and a sticker book in three different themes. My set is “for the Dreamer” — colourful and inspirational, perfect for a creative spirit like yours truly.

There’s also “for the Daring” — fun and bright, with energetic designs, perfect for the list-keeper. (Check out the planner, notekeeper and sticker book.) And lastly, “for the Driven” — a more pastel colour theme and super motivational, perfect for the goal-tracker (planner, notekeeper and sticker book).

Longtime try small things readers (HI MOM) might remember Pipsticks from this post and this one. What started out as a monthly sticker subscription club has now expanded to include a bricks-and-mortar shop and now, this new line.

Pipsticks X Workman Big Ideas Inside notekeeper notepad

The Big Ideas Inside notekeeper (with 100+ stickers!) is a major upgrade to the random sticky notes and backs of envelopes that I am forever writing lists and ideas on and subsequently losing. (I swear they actually DO get up and walk away.) The spine is very flexible so the notebook stays open while you’re writing in it instead of closing on top of your hand, which I think we can all agree is très annoying.

Its mate, the Dreaming in Color sticker book, has more than 800 stickers (cute things like to-go cups, cassette tapes, balloon animals and tacos) and six postcards. I want to start sending cards more regularly so I’ve promised myself I’m going to sit down once a week and write at least two. (Snail Mail Sundays coming soon to a planner near you!)

Pipsticks X Workman planner for the dreamer and ban.do washi tape 2

I’m super picky about my planners but PRAISE BE I think I’ve finally found one that ticks all the boxes. Some of my favourite features:

  • The sturdy, laminated and colour-coded tabs for each section including holidays, goals, and all the months.
  • The “currently” page at the beginning of each month where you write what you’re currently making, watching, reading, listening, eating, planning, etc. I do blog posts like these every now and again and they’re one of my faves.
  • The “yay” circles on each day that you can fill in with a sticker to track of your goals. I’m using mine to track my spin classes.
  • The mylar pocket at the front with a zip lock for keeping receipts, stamps, your lucky rabbit’s foot (JUST KIDDING THOSE ARE GROSS) etc.

Pipsticks x Workman Dreamer planner sticker book big ideas inside


Thanks to Thomas Allen & Son, I have a Pipsticks X Workman set to share! One lucky try small things reader will win the “for the Daring” planner, notekeeper and sticker book.  For a chance to win, tell me which set is most YOU and why. This entry is mandatory.

For an additional entry, visit try small things on Facebook and like (or love!) this post and leave a comment, then tell me you did so and your name on Facebook in the comments below. (Shares aren’t necessary, but YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR IT!) 

And feel free to tweet the following once per day and leave the url for your tweet in the comments below (one entry per tweet). Make sure you’re following try small things on Twitter for your entry to count.

Are you #plannerobsessed? Enter to #win a Pipsticks X Workman planner, notekeeper and sticker book from @trysmallthings CAN 9/14  https://wp.me/p4xBed-6Oy #pipsticksplanner 

Update September 15, 2018: Congratulations Kristy R! 

The contest is open to Canadian residents 18+ excluding Quebec and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on September 14, 2018. The potential winner (chosen at random) must respond to prize notification within 48 hours and provide the correct answer to a skill-testing question, otherwise another winner will be selected.

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  1. Jonnie

    I think the “driven” set is more my style

  2. Tannis W

    Like and commented on Facebook as Tannis Wiebe.

  3. Tannis W

    I like the “for the driven” set!

  4. Erin N

  5. Joy Mills (@Jemrah1)

  6. Tabby72

    My best would be for the Driven, as I am a total goal oriented planner!

  7. Melissa Meisenheimer

    Iv never owned one.but I sure miss alot of appointments and events .just my kids come first so I never buy one iv looked at them and put them down cause the price.nice giveaway .this would be nice

  8. Kim

    I love the driven one, I like to stay motivated and this would help with that.

  9. Suzie B

  10. Heather Swanson

    a planner for volunteer hours is a must

  11. Becky

    My set would be for the dreamer, dreaming and planning are what keep me going most days! 😏

  12. Calvin

    Big ideas for me.. I take my time to think of ideas and come back to them. it’s nice to write them down all in a place I can keep.

  13. rlee1950

    following on facebook as Robyn Lee; liked/shared.

  14. rlee1950

    https://twitter.com/rlee1950/status/1036012918951890944; following small things on twitter.

    1. rlee1950

      I am about making lists and crossing things off so this is perfect for me.

  15. rlee1950
  16. rlee1950

    “for the Daring” is for me.

  17. Laura Robinson

    Ohhh… yay! I am such a planner, forward thinker, list maker and goal getter! The ‘this changes everything’ planner speaks to Me. I love a great, colourful planner, with margin space & stickers. I am totally #plannerobsessed – Yes, pls 🙋🏻‍♀️

  18. Erin N

    I liked and commented and followed on FB! (name is erin newhouse)

  19. Florence Cochrane

  20. Erin N

    I absolutely love the planner notebook and it would be so helpful for organizing my life! It is awesome.. 😀

  21. Florence Cochrane

    Liked, shared and left a comment on FB Florence Cochrane

  22. Florence Cochrane

    I am more of a dreamer. I have a daughter who is the planner.

  23. Carole

    Visited try small things on Facebook and liked this post and leave a commented as Carole Dube

  24. Carole

    I’m a combo of The Daring and The Driven but I also a dreamer so I will choose the dreamer because I love dreaming!

  25. Joy Mills (@Jemrah1)

  26. Suzie B

  27. Suzie b

    I like the For the Dreamer as that is me – a planner & dreamer ❤️

  28. Janet Meisner

    janet m
    ‏ @asherares

    Are you #plannerobsessed? Enter to #win a Pipsticks X Workman planner, notekeeper and sticker book from @trysmallthings CAN 9/14 https://wp.me/p4xBed-6Oy #pipsticksplanner

  29. Janet Meisner

    I like the For the Daring This changes Everything. I love the stickers and colors.

  30. Jenn Erin
  31. Jenn Erin

    I’ve never heard of this brand of planners before but I love their designs and the weekly layout! I really like “for the Driven”!

  32. Jan

  33. Jan

    liked this post on try small things Facebook

  34. Nicole

    I liked commented and shared one facebook too

  35. Jan

    Tough choice, but I think for the Daring

  36. Nicole Callander

    Took me a while to figure out how to get my tweet URL lol but I want this planner badly lol

  37. Jennifer Morse

    I’m definitely a combo of The Daring and The Driven! These are so cute!!

  38. Jennifer Morse

    I commented and liked on Facebkkm’

  39. Phyllis

    Looks like a fun way to keep busy me organized. Can one organizer do all that in one? If so, it’s the perfect gift for me to start my theatre season with…..pretty please and thank you 😁😁

  40. Christine F
  41. Christine F

    Facebook name: Christine Faria

  42. Christine F

    The building my empire planner looks amazing (had a peek on Amazon) but the driven is more me because I’m a very motivated person!

  43. Joy Mills (@Jemrah1)

    gosh, I am not sure; I cannot say I am daring, or driven; that would leave a dreamer… I like all the options – they are all very inspiring!! so if I must choose, I suppose as I am a dreamer (as I rarely get any farther than that!!)

  44. Joy Mills (@Jemrah1)

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