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It’s Saturday night as I’m writing this but probably Sunday for you reading now, and I’m looking at the clock wondering how it got so late when I feel like I only just sat down to write a quick post. I don’t know why I keep telling myself I’ll just dash something off. I never dash something off. I’m not a quick writer (second-guessing yourself is a major time suck) and often edit to the point that my final version looks almost nothing like the first. And maybe there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe it just is what it is. But make no mistake: what it is is not quick. That said, it took me no time to come up with this list of things I’m currently coveting: I’ve had the tabs for all of them open on my computer for a while. Weeks even! (So surely it’s love.)

I’ve been searching for a replacement for the Forever 21 bag I use all the time and the Everlane tote Meghan Markle carried when she made her first public appearance with Prince Harry would be perfect. (Significantly more $, but perfect. And it’s back in stock! 🙌 ) I love the size, the shape, the handle drop, and the colour (cognac, if you’re asking). And okay okay, the fact that Meghan Markle carried it. Her style is impeccable.

These bookends would be lost in our bookcase, but I’m sure I could find a place for them. Maybe on our dresser? On top of the piano? Whatever. I’d make them work. They’re so good!!

I have these pants in the army jacket green and wear them like a second skin, so obviously I need the deep sailor blue. Only they’re sold out in my size. I keep refreshing to see if someone returned a pair since you can only order them online and so far (500 refreshes later) no luck. But if they’ve got a small when you see them, let me know!

I would buy this basketball “for my kids” but it would totally be for me. Smiley everything please.

And two of these delicious pillow covers for the living room. Spring and summer-y but just as good for winter, I think.

Speaking of Spring, how cute is this cottontail martini?

I’m taking on a few new subscription boxes for A Year of Boxes and can’t wait to see what’s in my first boîte OuiPlease. It’s a luxury box of 10 to 12 “under the radar” products from France — everything from jewellery to apparel to chocolat. Ooh la la.  

This phone case is on sale and so, so cute. 🍒 🍒 🍒

And in books: the thriller Before She Knew Him (out now); a rom-com, Meet Cute (coming in April); and in design and decor, The Lonny Home: Discovering and Cultivating Your Authentic Space (May).

What about you? What are you coveting these days? If it’s a tour of New York in the Spring; help organizing your closets, drawers and pantry; or quick and tasty smoothies, be sure to enter my current giveaways! New York in Bloom ends today, followed by Evive smoothie cubes and The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals.

That’s it for today. Talk to you soon!

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  1. Phyllis

    Coveting spring and sunny skies and walking (not driving) to the gym and having more time uncommitted to other things in life. And figuring out how to “enjoy the moment” and live life a little less planned……. Wow – I’m profound and didn’t know it 🙂

    1. try small things

      Ahhh spring and sunny skies! Surely they’re right around the corner! 😬☀️

  2. Suzie B

    Ooh the book Before She Knew Him sounds wonderful! I’ve been looking for a great new read 🙂

    … I am also now coveting several pairs of pants from the Gap after checking out the ones you were coveting lol 😉

    1. try small things

      Thanks Suzie! If you get the book, let me know and I’ll pick up a copy too! We can compare notes. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll be over here obsessively refreshing for those pants to come back in my size. #neversurrender

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