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After a run of sunny days it looks like we’re in for a wet week so I’m going to settle in and write a few blog posts, finish this book (loving it so far!) and maybe try to tackle some more piles in the small space sold to us as a third bedroom that’s really just a tiny catch-all. (Mainly because I promised Jennifer I’d send her one of these hilarious postcards and I’m pretty sure they’re in there somewhere.) In the meantime, here’s some things I’m seriously crushing on this month.

A super-cute heart-shaped pool to keep cool all summer long. ❤️

What do you think of this paint treatment? I’m kind of digging it — maybe for our powder room door?

This cheery half-moon doormat, ‘tho I’d love it in a larger size.

I think this sponge might be too cute to actually use but I still want it.

I got this notepad (and this one is pretty cute too).

Books: The Most Fun We Ever Had: A Novel; Wonder Plants 2 (the follow up to Wonder Plants); and Nordic Moods (I’ll be reviewing two of these and giving away a copy of each).

This card totally made me think of my friend Cathy (tho I actually think we could move mountains together — or at least have them moved, 😂😂).

Just saw this purse in the store this weekend and it’s even cuter in person.

All the rainbow-coloured nail polish, please!

I’ve been using this mask for months and my skin has never looked better. This set includes a small tube of it and some others that look fun to try.

What are you coveting this month? Anything here going on your list?


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  1. Suzie B

    Great picks! I am LOVING the door mat!

    1. try small things

      Thanks Suzie! I put the door mat in my cart but the shipping was $19.95 so I left it. 😩

  2. Jennifer Morse

    That purse is adorable!

    A postcard for me – meow!

    Want that pool!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of The Most Fun We Ever Had.

    1. try small things

      I’m so glad you saw this! I can’t find those cards and it’s driving me crazy. (Okay I haven’t actually looked that hard but I thought I knew exactly where I’d put them.) The Most Fun We Ever Had sounds so good, doesn’t it? 😽❤️

      1. Jennifer Morse

        Haha! My sister is famous for that. Birthday cards and gifts disappear. They usually turn up a year or two later hahaha!

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