August’s OatBox #breakfastbox

I received August’s OatBox in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

OatBox is a monthly breakfast subscription box from Montreal that comes with two large bags of handcrafted granolas that are 100% natural and preservative-free, plus two recipes. Gluten-free boxes are available and subscriptions can be delayed or cancelled free of charge.

OatBox August 2019 the box

There are three subscription options to choose from (all prices in CAD):

The Starter Kit (that’s my box) — 2 granola mixes each month for $20

The On The Go Kit — 1 granola mix + 6 oatmeal portions + 3 breakfast bars each month for $30

The Wolfpack Kit (great for families!) — 2 granola mixes + 6 oatmeal portions + 6 breakfast bars each month for $47

Shipping in North America is free.

OatBox August 2019 inside the box

OatBox August 2019 inside the box 2

Two different flavours are included each month. August’s are Sesame Crunch and Strawberry & Pistachio. 😋 Each 330-gram bag contains about seven half-cup servings (170 calories each) — a pretty standard portion as far as granola goes. That said, OatBox granola has considerably less sugar than a lot of commercial ones (just 6 grams of sugar per portion for each of the August blends) so you could probably double it without fear of a sugar crash mid-morning. A full cup would give you 12 grams of fat and 8 grams of fibre.

OatBox August 2019 recipe cards

Each Starter Kit also includes two gorgeous recipe cards. The recipes use or complement the month’s granolas. For August there’s a Sesame Brittle made with the Sesame Crunch granola (it’s delicious and so easy!) and a Local Strawberry & Chia Crumble that calls for some of the Strawberry & Pistachio granola.

OatBox August 2019 two granolas side

OatBox granolas are consistently fresh and crunchy with just a hint of sweetness, and that’s true for the August ones as well. It’s hard to pick a favourite between the two but the flecks of freeze-dried strawberries in the fruity one might give that blend the lead. They’re evenly and amply distributed throughout the bag and pack a lot of flavour into every bite. 😋

OatBox August 2019 feature image

OatBox is a simple offering as subscription boxes go, but I think it’s one of the best ones out there. The quality of the product is top-notch, the packaging minimal but effective, and the price reasonable for what you get. I love the subscription box for the convenience and for gifting, but I think OatBox products would do very well in stores too.

Have you tried OatBox? What do you think?

6 responses to “August’s OatBox #breakfastbox”

  1. I just ordered a subscription box from OatBox after reading your review. I’m so excited to try it! I ordered the starter kit and because it’s my first box they are sending me a OatBox glass jar and they also sent me a code to receive a mixed berry oatmeal. I love that they will send along recipe cards with their granola. Looking forward to starting off the school year mornings with OatBox. Thanks for the recommendation! Cheers!

    • I’m so excited for you, Noel!! I wonder if you’ll get the August box or the September one. I haven’t tried the oatmeal but their cereal bars are really good (date and pear is my fave). I hope it’s a hit at your house! ❤️

  2. I am one of the lucky ones who get to enjoy this great cereal regularly…. At the moment very much enjoying Maple Nut, and next on the list is the Mixed Berry.

    YUMMU YUMMY YUMMY. Great with yogurt and my own picked blueberries.

    As always great pics.

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