Currently coveting

It’s late afternoon on a holiday Monday and no one is particularly hungry after snacking all day, the kids are watching a god-awful movie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp) and I’m tempted to lie down for a nap even if it means I’ll have a hard time sleeping later. (Not like that would be anything new; I’ve always been a pretty crappy sleeper.) Fall is my favourite time of the year so it makes sense that this would be one of my favourite lists to make too. Here’s what I’m coveting this month. (Some things on-point for the season, others just super fun.)

How they did not riff on pumpkin for the name of this perfect fall polish I don’t know, but On The Bright Cider is pretty cute too.

Everything about this Brooklyn Airbnb.

Arches are a having a moment in interior design and this mirror is right on trend.

I feel seen by this magnet

New all-natural soaps that look like fancy chocolate bars from nana + livy, a Vancouver brand that makes handmade bath treats (and magic). ✨✨

The case on this mascara! #madforplaid

OF COURSE this five year journal is sold out. Look at it. 😍😍

Books: The Escape Manual for IntrovertsThe Other’s Gold: A Novel; You’re Not That Great (But Neither Is Anyone Else)Twice in a Blue Moon.

Waiting for this sweater to come out in other colours I like (I bought the ornament yellow SLASH MUSTARD).

Still crushing on this inexpensive bar cart. Or book cart! Or side table!

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