A new Canadian subscription box: The Hygge Starter Kit from Hygge in a Box

I received the Hygge Starter Kit for review purposes. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes

Hygge in a Box is a new quarterly subscription box for those looking to bring more happiness and comfort into their lives. 🙋‍♀️ Today I’ve got the Hygge Starter Kit, a smaller version of the quarterly box that’s designed to provide an intro to the hygge-inspired life with some ideas and products for meaningful moments and relaxation. Inside are items that touch on some of the key elements of hygge: Warmth, Light, Nourishment, Comfort, Connection, Joy, Mindfulness and Nature. All are made with ethically sourced materials by Canadian artisans and businesses.

hygge in a box Benny

Subscription options (all prices in CAD):

Hygge Starter Kit: 5 to 6 premium products valued at $100+ for $64.99 + $19.99 shipping Canada-wide (except for Manitoba — the box ships from there so shipping is $15). Committment-free. Contents change every three to six months.

Hygge in a Box (one-time purchase): 7 to 9 full-sized, premium products valued at $200+ for $114.99 + $19.99 shipping Canada-wide ($15 in Manitoba). Committment-free. Contents change seasonally.

Hygge in a Box (quarterly subscription): 7 to 9 full-sized, premium products valued at $200+, plus a bonus item valued at $25 per box; a 10% discount on limited edition boxes; free downloads for mindfulness programs; and more for $114.99 + $19.99 shipping ($15 in MB) every three months. Contents change seasonally.

US and international shipping is currently unavailable but expected soon.

Now let’s see inside the Starter Box!

Hygge in a Box legend

First: a beautiful card with a welcome message on one side and a guide to the contents on the other. Hygge in a Box founders Lisa and Jill set the tone with a warm introduction and well-chosen photos. That chair beside the fire is so inviting and the picture of Lisa and Jill is such a great personal touch; a reminder that there are real people behind the biz, people who’ve put their whole hearts into the venture and share some of themselves with every box that goes out the door.

hygge in a box The Little Book of Hygge brighter

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well • This beautiful, inspiring book is written by Meik Wiking, who refers to hygge as “a cup of cocoa by candlelight”. It will help you find easy ways to bring hygge into your home and life. 

I have a copy of this book already (I won it from Lisa and Jill last year in a contest promoting the subscription box) so I’ll be gifting this one, but I wasn’t disappointed to see it. It’s the perfect choice for an introductory box, the kind of book you can dip into for all kinds of hygge inspiration and practical advice. It’s got recipes, crafts, beautiful photographs, tips to dress and decorate the hygge way, a hygge dictionary and much more. I love it, and I’ll love sharing it!

Hygge in a box Woven Handmade basket

Woven handmade basket • Enjoy the minimalist aesthetic, that has pulled inspiration from Scandinavian design. The maker lives in Collingwood, Ontario and each piece is original in its shape and design. Perfect for jewelry, candy, or simply on its own. 

Pinecone • Not only is the pinecone our logo and brand, we love it as it is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside which is an integral part of crafting a hygge home. This pinecone was found around our summer cabin in Lake of the Woods. 

I keep calling this basket a rope bowl — whatever you want to call it, it’s lovely. Mine’s on our bedroom dresser holding a couple of delicate necklaces a friend just passed on to me from a friend who’d passed them on to her. It’s such a nice contrast, the soft fibres and the metal. And I love the little pinecone from Jill and Lisa’s part of the country.

Hygge in a box fika candle

Fika scented candle • 100% soy wax infused with a blend of essential oils, poured over a wooden wick with a burn of approx. 40 to 55 hours. Crafted in small batches in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Mysa Candle Company, Fika (FEE-kah) comes from the Swedish culture and is the everyday indulgence of a laid-back chat over coffee. Your fika candle is inspired by strong, freshly brewed coffee paired with just a hint of freshly baked pastry. The glasses are restaurant-grade, heavy bottom whiskey glasses and lovely for any refreshment once the candle has been enjoyed to the end. 

I love burning candles, so I hope to see more of them in upcoming boxes. This one smells too sweet for me so I’ll be gifting it.

Hygge in a box New Moon relax and renew tea

Relax and renew tea • A calming blend of herbs which help to calm the mind, body and soul. Experience the tranquility just as is you were at the yoga studio or out on a walk in nature. Handcrafted in British Columbia by New Moon Tea. 

I haven’t tried the tea, but it sounds like a wonderful bedtime or afternoon treat.

Hygge in a box fire starter box

Hygge in a box fire starter

Pinecone fire starter • Made for Hygge Canada by Mysa Candle Company using Canadian pinecones in 100% cotton wick and nestled into lightly fragrance-infused 100% soy wax. Suitable for use in indoor wood-burning fireplaces and outdoor bonfires only. 

We don’t have a fireplace but it’ll be handy for camping, so I’ll tuck it away for next summer. (I don’t camp, but my hubby and kids love it.)

Hygge in a box Sugarjoy in pkg

Hygge in a box Sugarjoy strawberry

Scandi Candy • Nordic countries are crazy for candy. These gourmet treats are imported from Sweden through Sugarjoy, a small Manitoba-based business. They are custom designed and produced using Scandinavian recipes and high-quality ingredients. 

Strawberry is my jam and these are delicious. A large bag too, great for sharing.

Hygge in a box recipe card

Recipe and hygge cards •  Central to living a hygge-inspired life is the act of preparing delicious foods and/or crafting some DIY projects that can be created while alone or with others. Included in your box are some of our favourites along with a few extra points on how to welcome hygge into your life. 

Lisa and Jill included two recipe cards — this one for Nordic fermented veggies, another for a sugar body scrub, and both with several variations. There’s also a card with four tips on how to hygge. I don’t know that I’ll try the veggie recipe but I have a girlfriend who’d love it and the homemade scrub is right up my alley. We already have all but one of the ingredients too.

Hygge in a box starter kit full contents

I’ve been looking forward to Hygge in a Box for months and the Starter Kit is wonderful. I love the support for Canadian makers and businesses, the natural and organic materials, and the careful packaging, which can all be recycled. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift for yourself, or for anyone who could use some hygge in their lives. (So just about everyone.)

“We recommend that you set aside some time for yourself to brew a hot cup of tea, light your candle, build a fire, and nibble on delicious Swedish candy while snuggling up with your hygge book. Take a deep breath and let the hygge moments begin.” 

What do you think of the Hygge Starter Kit? How do you bring hygge into your life?

7 responses to “A new Canadian subscription box: The Hygge Starter Kit from Hygge in a Box”

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  2. I love their way of saying slow down and smell the roses.
    Have a cup if tea, light a candle, build a fire and have a candy. And it looks like Benny agrees.
    Love the pics.

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