Inside October’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box

I received October’s Lookfantastic box for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

Last month’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box was mostly a miss but (spoiler alert!) October’s is almost spot on. I love when that happens! Happy day! If this is the first you’re hearing of it, it’s a monthly subscription box from the UK that delivers six premium beauty and skin care products and a copy of ELLE UK for the low low price of £15.00 or about $22 CAD/month and free international shipping. (I don’t get any kick-backs for saying that, I just think it’s a great deal.) 

lookfantastic oct 2019 the box ft image ayob

Lookfantastic the company is Europe’s top online premium beauty retailer. They carry over 22,000 products and offer free shipping to more than 200 countries.

There are four subscription options for the Beauty Box (all prices in CAD):

  • Month-to-month, $22/box
  • 3-month subscription, $21.28/box
  • 6-month subscription, $20.18/box
  • 12-month subscription, $19.08/box

Shipping is included. (I know I’ve said that already but it’s worth repeating.)

lookfantastic october 2019 brochure and elle magazine

Each box opens with an attractive 20-page brochure printed on matte, almost card-stock quality paper. Inside October’s issue is a look at some of the editors’ favourite highlighters, an interview with two of the people who curate the box, and a primer on the latest K-Beauty trend (a “layering of lightweight products to create a reflective finish” or “glass skin.”)

lookfantastic oct 2019 look good feel better angled blending brush

Look Good Feel Better Angled Blending Brush

Create an eyeshadow look that is blended to perfection. With an angled, flat headed brush, this eyeshadow brush can be used for a diffused makeup look or to blend out a more intense finish. ($11.74)

I’m always happy to see a makeup brush in the box (it doesn’t happen often) and this one will get lots of use, especially coming into the holidays when I like to add a little sparkle around my eyes.

lookfantastic october 2019 Oh K illuminating holographic sheet mask

Oh K! Chok Chok Holographic Fibre Face Mask

Give your skin a futuristic facial with this hyaluronic acid infused face mask. Containing a supercharged dose of brightening citrus oils and skin boosting ascorbic acid, the complexion is bright and dewy. ($16.79)

I should mention October’s box is curated with a cosmic theme with six “out of this world products.” This holographic face mask has a futuristic feel with the shiny silver finish. I can’t wait to try it!

lookfantastic October 2019 Polaar Hand Cream

Polaar The Genuine Lapland Hand Cream

Treat your hands with this nourishing and protective hand cream, inspired by historic rituals by women of Lapland. Rich in Arctic berries, this hand cream envelopes hands in moisture — saving them from the chill of Autumn. ($16.63)

I’m not a big fan of hand cream but I’m a fan of soft hands, so I’m happy to have this one to tuck in my purse.

lookfantastic oct 2019 wet brush mini detangler

Wet Brush Mini Detangler

The ultimate hair and time saving tool, the Wet Brush Mini effortlessly detangles wet or dry hair without breaking or stretching hair in a breeze with this on-the-go essential. Suitable for all hair lengths and textures. ($13.42)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost bought a brush like this to take out the tangles so the Wet Brush was another happy surprise. Works like a charm and great timing too as I’m trying out a purple shampoo and conditioner that’s been making my hair difficult to comb out of the shower. (If you can recommend an anti-brass shampoo that isn’t drying, I’m all ears!)

lookfantastic oct 2019 the balm foiled again eyeshadow and eos crystal lip balm vanilla orchid

lookfantastic oct 2019 the balm foiled again shadow in red-handed

The Balm Foiled Again Eyeshadow in Red-Handed

Give your eye makeup an otherworldly upgrade with these intensely pigmented multi-purpose shadows. With buttery soft formulas that deliver high pigment colour, create an extra-terrestrial look with these powders. ($13.43)

I love the colour and sheen of this shadow — perfect for a little shimmer coming into the holidays and the copper is totally on trend. It’s one of three different The Balm shadows in this month’s box.

EOS Lip Balm — Crystal Vanilla Orchid

Deeply hydrate the lips with this lip balm that hosts a cocktail of nourishing and protective ingredients. Delivering a subtle tint and shimmer, this lip balm is infused with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to restore moisture levels in the lips. ($10.92)

And I love EOS lip balms but vanilla isn’t my fave so this one’s a miss. Some subscribers received the balm in Shimmer Coral or Pearl instead. I would have preferred either of those but it’s not a big deal. I can gift this one easy peasy. But $10.92 for a single EOS balm is way more than you’d pay here. I know Costco sells them in multi-packs that average out to $2 or $3 each and you can get them at Shoppers Drug Mart for under $4 a piece. Could they really be $10+ on the other side of the pond?

lookfantastic oct 2019 full contents ayob

The total value of October’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box is $82.93 — nearly four times the $22 purchase price. For me, it’s a great value in that I’ll use all but one of the products (and even then, having something I can easily gift isn’t a loss). But what do you think? Would it be a good match for you?

2 thoughts on “Inside October’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box

  1. Wow, what great value. With the cold weather coming and the heat getting turned on, it means dry skin for all of us – me anyway.
    I slather on the hand cream and little white gloves at bed time.
    Sadly don’t take the time to do face masks but always make the time to do my makeup – even for the gym….. so any new product and colour is always a treat.
    Love the items and love your pics.

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