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How much do we love a limited edition? What’s inside the second Book Lovers Box from Sweet Reads Box

Sweet Reads Box sent me their Book Lovers Box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Well I finally got around to booking my laser eye surgery for January 1. Can’t wait to have 2020 vision. 😂 Okay I don’t need laser eye surgery but I see it’s been a minute since I promised today’s post. Sweet Reads Box issues special one-off boxes from time to time (I’ve just ordered one of their first Kids Christmas Boxes for my guys) and IMHO their second limited edition Book Lovers Box is one of their best. Like the monthly subscription box, it’s “me time delivered” with a new novel, tea or coffee, a sweet treat and some goodies tied in to the story; in this case the book is about an aspiring novelist and the goodies all celebrate books. Here’s a closer look. 📚

Sweet Reads Box Second Limited Edition Book Lovers Box inside the box

First we have a card with a guide to contents on one side and a quote related to the theme of the box on the other (a truth bomb from Jane Austen:  “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading.”).

Sweet Reads Box Second Book Lovers Edition Molly of the Mall

And that book about the aspiring novelist? It’s a Canadian novel released last May, Molly of the Mall: Literary Lass and Purveyor of Fine Footwear by Heidi L.M. Jacobs.

Whether you’ve worked in retail or not, we are sure you will commiserate with Molly’s experiences and fall in love with her quirky character. Whether it’s her love of Jane Austen or experiences at university, working and dating, Molly is a fun, book-loving protagonist. Making this novel the perfect option for our Book Lover’s Box. 

The cover of the book doesn’t do anything for me but the story sounds great! Here’s the description from the back:

Aspiring novelist Molly MacGregor’s life is strikingly different from a literary heroine’s. Named for one of literature’s least romantic protagonists, Moll Flanders, Molly lives in Edmonton, a city she finds irredeemably unromantic, where she writes university term papers instead of novels, and sells shoes in the Largest Mall on Earth. There she seeks the other half of her young life’s own matched pair. Delightfully whimsical, Heidi L.M. Jacobs’ Molly of the Mall: Literary Lass and Purveyor of Fine Footwear explores its namesake’s love for the written word, love for the wrong men (and the right one), and her complicated love for her city. 

I’ve been to that mall so I’ll be picturing it while I’m reading the story. I love that! (It doesn’t happen often.)

Sweet Reads Box Second Book Lovers Edition Willie's Cacao Raspberries and Cream

Willie’s Cocoa Raspberries & Cream White Chocolate • We chose this chocolate as the sweet treat for the box because it pairs so well with the cover of the novel. While raspberry isn’t a common Fall flavour it’s a great match for our tea choice.

Any choco but dark choco is alright with me and I love that this one is dotted with raspberries. 😋

Sweet Reads Box Second Limited Edition Book Lovers Box Stay Calm & Relax Tea Leaf Co Tea

Tea Leaf Co. Stay Calm & Relax Tea • An organic herbal tea with chamomile, lavender and cinnamon makes a deliciously warm and comforting cup of tea. We thought Molly could have used this tea at a variety of points in her story. 

I know the holidays are still weeks out but I’m already feeling overwhelmed. This tea comes at the perfect time.

Sweet Reads Box Second Limited Edition Book Lovers Box Socksmith So Many Books So Little Time Socks

Socksmith “So Many Book So Little Time” Socks • A cat, books and socks = bookish perfection.

Agreed! Plus these are the perfect weight. Not too thick, not too thin — just right.

Sweet Reads Box Second Limited Edition Book Lovers Box Crafted Van Magnetic Bookmark

Crafted Van Tea on Books Bookmark • We love this magnetic bookmark and its connection to the items in the box. Tea and books go together like Darcy and Elizabeth. 

I follow Crafted Van on Instagram and this Canadian co. makes so many cute things — pins, greeting cards, and bookmarks like this one. I love it!

Sweet Reads Box Second Limited Edition Book Lovers Box Quotable Pin Oscar Wilde

Quotable Oscar Wilde Pin • A bookish pin to add to your lapel or book bag. We think it will make you happy.

I don’t wear pins but I really like this quote. Perfect for a book lover!

Sweet Reads Box Second Limited Edition Book Lovers Box I Read Past My Bedtime Mug

Now Designs “I Read Past My Bedtime” Mug • This mug should be our life’s motto! I’m sure you can agree there is nothing better than reading past your bedtime.

Sweet Reads Box has included a few things from Now Designs and with good reason — this mug is perfection! Great motto and a good size to keep by your bed filled with tea for a long, late night of reading.

Sweet Reads Box Second Limited Edition Book Lovers Box full contents

The Book Lovers Box is long sold out, but a few limited edition Sweet Reads Boxes are still available: The Christmas Box ($61.99 plus shipping); The Kids Christmas Box –ages 4 to 7 ($40 plus shipping); and the one I just ordered, The Kids Christmas Box — ages 8 to 12 ($40 plus shipping). And of course three-, six-, and 12-month Sweet Reads Box subscriptions are always available, along with the option to buy (or gift!) a single regular monthly box. Sweet Reads Box currently ships across Canada.

For details about upcoming boxes, bookish news and special discounts, follow Sweet Reads Box on InstagramTwitter and/or Facebook. To see past Sweet Reads Boxes, you’ll find all of my reviews here.

What do you think of the Book Lovers Box? Have you tried any limited edition Sweet Reads Boxes? Who on your list would love Sweet Reads Box for Christmas? (Maybe you!)


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  2. Phyllis

    REPEAT AFTER JOY “I love the socks, the pin, the bookmark and the mug — ok, I love all of it!”


    “I love the socks, the pin, the bookmark and the mug — ok, I love all of it!”

    My life is the motto on the mug.

    and as always —- love the photos

    1. try small things

      😂😂You know a good thing when you see it! ❤️❤️

  3. Cat Forsley


    1. try small things

      Thank you magical lady! So good to BE writing again! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Cat Forsley

        ❤ ❤ !!!! YAY

  4. twinglemommy

    I love these boxes, but wish the price included shipping. I’ve had and have gifted the 3 month subscription but haven’t tried any of the special edition boxes. I was considering the kids box but it’s a bit pricey once you add on the shipping cost.

    1. try small things

      I wish it included shipping too. Or even if part of the shipping was worked into the price of the box; I know that wouldn’t be any cheaper but it would *feel* cheaper, you know? We’ve never done fancy advent calendars like the Lego one etc. (just the cheap-o ones from the drugstore) so I thought I’d treat my guys to one of the Christmas boxes. When do they ever get mail just for them? I think they’ll be excited!

  5. Joy Mills (@Jemrah1)

    I love the socks, the pin, the bookmark and the mug — ok, I love all of it!

    1. try small things

      Me too! ❤️

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