For lippie lovers, a subscription box under $20 ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

I received November’s Lip Monthly in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This review also appears on A Year of Boxes.

Shoana Jensen did aย segment on Cityline ages ago talking about the best subscription boxes on the market and Lip Monthlyย was one of them. It’s a subscription service from the US that delivers a variety of lip products + one bonus cosmetic in a reusable pouch every month. I’ve been wanting to try it, so I was delighted when November’s arrived.

Lip Monthly Nov 2019 IG and Lord & Berry crayon

Lip Monthlyย offers four subscriptions (all prices in USD and all products full-sized):

  • Monthly subscription: $12.95 for 4 products/month
  • Lip Monthly Plus: $19.95 for 7 products/month
  • 3-Month subscription: $38.85 for 4 products/month
  • Annual subscription: $155.40 for 4 products/month

Shipping is free in the US; $3.99 to Canada and the UK; and $4.99 to Australia.

Lip Monthly Nov 2019 Doucce eyeshadow

The pouch included a card with a welcome message, but no info on November’s selection apart from “… your bag includes three amazing lippies and one non-hippie (monthly mixup) from some of our favorite brands!” At a minimum, I’d prefer to see a list of the products and their approximate retail value. That said, some of that info is on the Lip Monthly web site if you want to look it up.

If the Lord & Berry lip crayon looks familiar, you might remember it from November’s Glossybox review. This one is a different shade — a bright and cheery red with pink undertones called Sensuel. I love to the colour and the formula is excellent. It’s matte but glides on easily and doesn’t feel dry or cakey. ($18)

The bonus cosmetic is an eyeshadow from Douce, this one #17 (Candice). I love the colour and the shimmer but I’m a bit worried the slidey cover would come off in my makeup bag and make a mess so I’ll just use this one at home. ($10)

Lip Monthly November 2019 nude lippie

Next is a nude liquid lipstick from Lip Monthly. I thought I’d love the colour but it’s much (much!) darker going on than it looks here, more brown than nude on me. Which looks terrible with my fair complexion. This one isn’t listed on Lip Monthly’s site but I’m going to guess it sells for about $14 based on other similar products there.

Lip Monthly November 2019 Peony Lip Scrub

And finally we have a lip scrub from Peony Cosmetics called Butterfly Butter. It’s gentle and moisturizing and I love the berry-like scent. It’s also cruelty free, gluten free and free of parabens. The tube seems pretty tiny for a full-sized product but you need such a tiny amount that it’ll still last a while. I checked Peony’s site and it is indeed the full size. ($16)

Lip Monthly November 2019 full contents tst

November’s Lip Monthly bag is valued at about $58. If you like lip products, it’s a fun one to try and relatively inexpensive for what you get.

What do you think? Is Lip Monthly something you’d like to try? โค๏ธ

3 thoughts on “For lippie lovers, a subscription box under $20 ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

  1. From one who applies and reapplies her lipstick 20 times a day – or so it seems – how nice to get such a great pack.
    Shimmering eye shadow is well behind me – enhances the wrinkles so matte only for me.
    And very pretty pics – as always.

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