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February’s Lookfantastic beauty box has much to love

I received February’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes

Lookfantastic is a UK subscription box that delivers six premium beauty and skin care products for £15.00 or about $26 CAD/month. It used to include Elle UK as well but they’ve done away with it this month in an effort to be more earth-friendly. February’s box is a celebration of all things love with products “handpicked by the experts to make you feel adored, appreciated and all-round amazing.

Lookfantastic Feb 2020 product gide

Lookfantastic the company is Europe’s top online premium beauty retailer. They carry over 22,000 products and offer free shipping to more than 200 countries.

There are four subscription options for the Beauty Box (all prices in CAD; prices increased slightly for new subscribers in December):

  • Month-to-month, $25.70/box
  • 3-month subscription, $24.84/box
  • 6-month subscription, $23.56/box
  • 12-month subscription, $22.27/box

Each Lookfantastic box includes a mini magazine with details on that month’s products, interviews with beauty insiders and primers on popular ingredients and/or makeup techniques, along with a peek at one of the products in the next month’s box. My favourite feature February’s mag is the 411 on rose, which we’ve been seeing in all kinds of skincare products.

“If you suffer from dry skin, rose-based skincare products are particularly beneficial due to their moisturizing abilities. For those that suffer from oil skin, rose helps tighten pores, refine skin texture and control the production of sebum. It’s also known for having fantastic astringent properties — which means it’s good for helping to reduce redness and inflammation.”

You learn something every day!

Lookfantastic Feb 2020 Naobay Origina Gentle Facial Toner

Noabay Gentle Face Toner

Formulated with nourishing Raspberry, Altea and Calendula extracts to bring amazing 4-in-1 benefits to the skin — removing leftover traces of makeup, toning, soothing and hydrating your complexion. Use daily for smoother, more refined skin. ($21.42)

Toner is one of my favourite products to try and this one is wonderful. It smells amazing on a cotton pad but very subtle going on and makes my skin feel clean and soothed. And it’s a great size, so it’ll last a while. I love it in combination with the Filorga mask below.

Lookfantastic Feb 2020 ESPA body oil and FILORGA mesh-mask

ESPA Detoxifying Body Oil

Designed to be used daily to firm skin and soothe muscles, this ESPA body oil is formulated with a blend of aromatic oils, such as Juniper Berry and Cypress, to delight your senses. ($8.57)

Filorga Meso Mask

This anti-wrinkle, brightening face mask from Filorga will enhace your skins natural radiance and target signs of ageing and tiredness from first application. Infused with NCTF (an anti-ageing complex used in non-surgical procedures), the delicate cream will leave skin plumper, brighter and more even in tone. ($21.59)

First of all, we have to talk about the ESPA bottle. What a beauty! I love the marble top and the frosted glass. Just a gorgeous item to display on your vanity. The body oil has a strong but pleasant scent, absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel the least bit greasy. I can’t say how it works for soothing sore muscles as I don’t have any at the moment (maybe I should be working harder in my spin classes?) and my skin doesn’t feel any firmer but it’s early days.

And the Filorga mask is wonderful. My skin feels so soft and so loved for using it!

Lookfantastic Feb 2020 lipstick

Illamasqua Mini Antimatter Lipstick (Bang!)

Enhance your pout in just one swipe with the mini Illamasqua Antimatter lip product — semi-matte and long-wearing with a creamy texture that will soften your lips and add intense pigment all at once. ($17.13)

I love the colour as it looks here but on me it’s much more brown than peach and not my favourite. It’s a shame, because I really like the semi-matte formula. If it doesn’t look perfect here, it’s because it fell out of the tube as soon as I peeled off the safety seal and dinted the super smooth edge I love in a new lippie. On the plus side, I find it takes forever to get through a lipstick so I appreciate this smaller size.

Lookfantastic Feb 2020 project lip mask

Project Lip Mask

Specially designed to target dry, chapped lips, the Project Lip collagen-infused hydrogel lip mask hydrates, smooths and plumps all in one. ($6.77)

I just used a lip mask that came in another box so I want to hold off on trying this one for til I feel like my lips could use some TLC. Have you used it? Tell me everything!

Lookfantastic Feb 2020 brushworks complexion sponge

Brushworks HD Wonder Complexion Sponge

Achieve a flawless base with the help of this face sponge. Super soft, long-lasting and specially designed to fit your facial contours, blend your liquid makeup to perfection for professional results. ($9.41)

I usually use my fingers to put on foundation but this sponge is really nice. Dense and easy to hold and I think it helps you get a more even application.

Lookfantastic Feb 2020 full contents 2

February’s Lookfantastic box is valued at $84.89 and apart from the lipstick, I’m really happy with it. I know some people are ticked about the co. dropping the magazine but I don’t miss it. I rarely gave it more than a flip through before pitching it in the recycling so it’s just as well.

Are you a Lookfantastic subscriber? If you are (and even if you’re not), is the magazine a deal breaker for you? What do you think of February’s box?

2 thoughts on “February’s Lookfantastic beauty box has much to love

  1. This box sounds like a real winner and great value.
    I am a 2 times a day toner user and if this one feels as nice as stated it would be enjoyed as part of my daily routine. Between my Sahara desert dry skin and my overworked muscles (today anyway) does the ESPA body oil come in bathtub size? The lipstick looks very pretty, but I’m nothing but consistent with my always red at the ready. Not into lip masks but am interested in your thoughts of it, when you do use it. I too am a finger applicator of my not often worn foundation but if it betters the coverage – again another winner.
    Worth repeating – sounds like great value and as always, love your photographic and mojo style.

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