Currently coveting

This printΒ is my teen lately and I’m guessing for the next six years. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜« (Photo: Stay Home Club)

The enamel is wearing off the inside of our kettle (that can’t be good) so I’ve been looking at this oneΒ (“A two-tone harmonic whistle provides the final delightful touch”),Β this one (but is it too small and oh yeah, ridiculously expensive?) and this one (def too small). Oh and here’s a Swedish tea set I love, maybe in cream?

Vase power!

🎡 Knowing me and knowing you, there is scrubbing we can do. 🎡

This cute embroidery kit reminds me, how do we not have a flamingo emoji? (The kit’s sold out but maybe it’ll come back in stock?)

A cheap and cheery molding trick.

The most IG-worthy stool evs.

A million books (as always) but especially these recent releases: Brunch and Other Obligations; The Rainbow Atlas: A Guide to the World’s 500 Most Colorful Places; Joel Meyerowitz: How I Make Photographs; Stray: A Memoir; and The Herd: A Novel.

I have a lot of sneakers but none are pink, and none like these. 😍😍

Do you think we could get Benny into this shirt? 😺

All of these adorable critters, svp.

What about you? What are you coveting lately?

8 thoughts on “Currently coveting

    1. Aren’t they? My mom saw the post and offered to get us the first kettle (the matte black one from Eight Ounce Coffee) and it’s already on the way! Note to self: do these kind of posts more often, LOL. ❀️❀️

    1. How industrious! Good luck with the furniture. (Take it easy so you don’t hurt yourself!) And the best masks are made with love. ❀️ Cathy made us some and then ordered more from a local co. So kind! You too! 😘❀️

  1. Currently not coveting anything tangible…. purging rather than collecting. Although given all the walking that I am doing a new pair of runners would be good for my feet or really good walking sandals. Summer is coming ! As pretty of those pink ones are, I think they would be hot and I’d rather not have the height at the ankle. Not in need of a new kettle but love the black one – think you need to go for it if in need.
    Always enjoy your writing style and hang in there – that teen of yours may just surprise you.

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