Five things

Aloe aloe! I thought about sparing you the garden variety puns, but if thistle make you smile, I’m not going to backpetal now. πŸ˜‰ How’s it growing? Are you feeling bouquet? Damndelion it’s hot! What in carnation happened to Spring? I’m wilting. What a bud you? Happy the warm weather’s here once and floral? (Sorry not sorry. I dig the puns!)

Everything Is Not Ok by People I've Loved

The past week has been better but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m doing quarantine wrong. Kimberly nailed it with her post the other day (and I love the illustration by People I’ve Loved artist Carissa Potter Carlson). I feel like everyone else is thriving and I’m dropping all the balls. I know neither is true but I feeeel like it is. Anyone else still out of sorts? (Cleary Glennon Doyle’s entire family is brilliant.)

Untamed Reese's Book Club

Speaking of Glennon Doyle, one night last week I participated in a BooknBrunch Zoom meetup/fundraiser/dance party themed around her latest book, Untamed. I’m only 50 pages in but she is blowing my mind over and over again. It’s a memoir/manifesto about throwing off expectations and listening to your own voice. I want to keep this post on the shorter side so I won’t post the full description here but I’m loving it so far. I keep thinking about her story about a friend who tried a hot yoga class. Tho it literally made her sick, she’d ignored all the voices in her head and saw the entire class through.”[Immediately afterwards] while she was on her hands and knees wiping up her own puke with paper towels, she thought: ‘What is wrong with me? Why did I stay and suffer? The door wasn’t even locked.‘” How many times have I done the same? Stayed in a situation that wasn’t good for me because I thought it was the ‘right’ thing to do, that I didn’t deserve/shouldn’t want any better? That I didn’t have a choice? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ (Also if you like to read in the bath, this Untamed soap would be perfect.)

Benny supervising Lookfantastic Beauty Box May 2020 shoot

Okay this post is getting long anyway so here’s a picture of Mr. Meow Meow supervising a shoot earlier this week. May’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box is coming up next. (#gifted)

Goodfood chocolatines

We’ve been trying some of Goodfood’s new breakfast pastries and their chocolatines are unreal. So light, so flakey, so buttery melt-in-your-mouth! And the dark choco middle with just a hint of salt? Delicious! I’ll have more on these and some other picks soon. In the meantime, if you’re curious to know about their smoothies, I’ve got a post right here. (#gifted)

hygge in a box giveaway

Last but not least, my giveaway for the Spring Hygge in a Box ends today (May 27), so be sure to get your entries in over on Instagram if you haven’t already. Good luck!!

One response to “Five things”

  1. To start with I shouldn’t be reading this while hungry. Those pastries look YUMMY and your smoothies would go down sooooo smooth right about now.
    The soaps are little pieces of art. Beautiful – and the fragrances sound divine.
    Anxious to hear more about the book and would be happy to cat sit Mr. MM anytime.

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