Currently coveting

Photo: a greeting card from Greer

😂😭😬 Here’s some things I’ve got my eye on. One more week ’til school’s out. Must… hang… on….

So we can go for a mini dip in the backyard.

I don’t think I’ve ever paid more than $24 for a pair of sunglasses but I’m loving these pink aviators and this modern take on a classic shape.

A cotton jumpsuit with my favourite sleeves — puffed! 😍😍

Annnnd the basket obsession continues with these new small and larger bamboo ones from IKEA.

Books (all available from A Different Booklist, a Black-owned bookstore in Toronto): The Vanishing Half: A Novel; Last Tang Standing; Real Men Knit: A Novel; In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

Love this elevated denim A-line skirt.

The new zesty lemon and cool cucumber shower gels from The Body Shop.

Perfect for plucking out a few tunes by the campfire. (If camping’s your thing.)

4 thoughts on “Currently coveting

  1. Eee! My favorite posts are always your Covet posts 🙂 I love the suggestions!

    I JUST read In Order to Live – by far THE BEST book I have read this year! I couldn’t put it down. It reads like fiction!

    Unfortunately for your Old Navy order – I’ve heard there are issues with them and UPS – some people are receiving items in pieces (IE half a swim suit one day and a week later the other half shows up).. a MONTH late receiving items, etc :s If you are OPEN to shopping in store, I was pleasantly surprised with how well my local store is operating. VERY clean and organized.

  2. Lots of cute things…..and one more week of school ….. hang in….be brave…. you can do this….. xoxoxo

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