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Photo: KARE Toronto

Happy Monday, everyone! Whether it’s the start of your week or the tail end of a long weekend, thanks for stopping by and spending some of it with me. I’ve got some incredible things in today’s post and I’m excited to hear which ones you can’t live without. Starting with these darling water lily armchairs from KARE Toronto. I’m partnering with the co this month to share some of my favourite pieces and a chance to win one of them (not one of these chairs, but something also fabulous!) so stay tuned for that. And some furniture puns. (I was going to start with one about a chair, only I was afraid it wouldn’t sit well. But you’re still here! Sofa so good. 😂)

This would probably take me forever to do, but what a fantastic piece!

A twist on taper candles (literally!). Love these ones too.

So you can’t actually sit on this stool (I talked to someone in the store and the earthenware makes it too fragile) but it sure is pretty to look at.

More Cats, Less Plastic. 😺 Also boobs.

Speaking of cats (and dogs, because we love them too ‘tho not as much as cats, ha ha) this puppet set would make such a cute set for a little one. (And speaking of little ones, so happy my friend Renee is expecting another!)

The fabulous seashell chairs on Alyssa’s beautiful balcony are actually these clever seat cushions (available in five colours + a zebra and floral pattern).

You need this doormat. (‘Cause obviously you’re awesome!!)

At-home mani nail stickers j’adore. (But sold out. 😭)

Made-in-Ottawa hair clips for the birthday girl.

If I had an office, I’d want this in plain sight. (Writer’s block is zero fun.)

Also these bookends. (Because I really don’t have room for them anywhere else.)

For books: One to Watch: A Novel; A Star is Bored: A Novel; Take a Hint, Dani Brown: A Novel; Exciting Times: A Novel. (I just finished The Last Flight from July’s Sweet Reads Box and it was amazing! #gifted)

The epitome of summer glamour. Full stop.

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