Lip Monthly August 2020

I received August’s Lip Monthly in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

Lip Monthly is a US subscription service that delivers a variety of full-size lip products + one bonus cosmetic in a reusable pouch every month. Subscriptions start at $12.95 USD/month and each pouch is valued at $50+.

Lip Monthly offers four subscriptions (all prices in USD and all products full-sized):

  • Monthly subscription: $12.95 for 4 to 5 products/month
  • Lip Monthly Plus: $19.95 for 7 products/month
  • 3-Month subscription: $38.85 for 4 to 5 products/month
  • Annual subscription: $155.40 for 4 to 5 products/month

Shipping is free in the US; $3.99 to Canada and the UK; and $4.99 to Australia.

Subscribers get a mixed bag of products every month so mine may be different than other August ones you’ve seen. Each of the regular subscriptions typically includes three lip products and one other cosmetic but given that that so many people are wearing masks more and lipsticks less, Lip Monthly changed August’s to two of each.  

Cargo Essential Lip Gloss (Anguilla)

Super high shine lip gloss is essential for intense, lasting color! Creamy, moisturizing formula glides over lips, never feels sticky. Special, flat velour-coated applicator provides precise and even application. Long wearing for all-day gloss! Gluten-free. Paraben free. ($16)
Cargo Cosmetics is a Canadian co. that’s been around for 25 years. I’ve only tried a few of their products (I really like their Swimmables Longwear Eye Shadow Stick from December’s Lip Monthly) but they have a great reputation so I was happy to see this one. Sadly it’s a miss. The colour is a doesn’t suit me (it’s more of a light, bubble-gum pink than it looks here) and I find it super sticky. Dang! 

Estate Cosmetics Lip Icing (Lick) 

An opaque dusty rose with slight shimmer. It’s not glue, boo, so it’s not sticky. Our lip gloss will leave your lips looking irresistible, like icing on a cake. Glaze it over your naked lips or over your favourite lipstick for a comfortable, high gloss finish. Vegan. Paraben free. Cruelty free. ($20)

This one is a different story. They call it dusty rose, but on me it’s more like a a rusty plum (‘tho that doesn’t sound near as appealing). A great colour to go with the mustard, brown and burgundy sweaters I’ve just pulled out for fall. And not the least bit sticky. 

Hikari Cream Pigment Eye Shadow (Petal) 

Wear alone or layered under powder eyeshadow for long-lasting color and increased depth. ($15) 

April’s Lip Monthly included a similar shadow in a loose powder and I lost a good amount of it when I opened the lid and sent it flying. Not so with this one since I was much more careful, but I do find them a bit messy and would much rather see it pressed solid in a palette. But the colour is really pretty. 

Cleo Noir Twist-Up Liner (Black) 

In a pinch? Give it a twist! Our convenient Twist Up Liner gives you lines you crave without the hassle of sharpening. Open the door to limitless looks with the vivid lineup of colors to keep ’em guessing. The precise tip and ultra-smooth formula lets you create striking eye looks with no dragging or pulling. This budge-proof liner makes chic and convenient go hand in hand. ($18)

This eyeliner comes in some really funky colours and I wish I’d gotten the purple or gold because I have several that are black. Glides on easily and I love the twist-up format. 

August’s Lip Monthly is valued at $69 USD. I’m disappointed that I didn’t love both of the lippies but I still think it’s a good value overall and a fun one to try if you’re curious about beauty boxes. 

What would you rather see from Lip Monthly? All lip products; three lip products + one cosmetic; or two and two like they’ve done here? 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Phyllis says:

    All very pretty. Me – I prefer the bright rich reds. Been wearing the same Covergirl # 305 hot chaleur for years… everything goes with red right?
    Maybe your teen will enjoy the Cargo Essential Lip Gloss (Anguilla) – bubble gum pink. The dusty rose/rusty plum does sound like a nice color for fall.
    Hikari Cream Pigment Eye Shadow (Petal) – Sorry no pink for me, but do agree that a pressed solid is always better than a loose powder.
    Cleo Noir Twist-Up Liner (Black) – yes, we all have several blacks, so bring on the purple or gold.
    How about if they threw in a lip liner or one of those products that help to prevent lip bleed…. Opps, showing my age.
    Financially – great value but not so if I’m not into the colours.
    Finally, yes wearing a mask should negate the use of lipstick, but not in my world…. we need moisture, moisture, moisture. not sticky – just creamy.
    Dang – Best parts are the great pics and the written word. Thank for sharing.

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