GlobeIn Artisan Box November 2020: The Umami Box

I received GlobeIn’s Umami Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring handmade, ethically sourced products from makers around the world. Each month subscribers can choose from a selection of boxes curated around a theme. November’s theme is “World Kitchen” and I received the Umami Box. (November’s box arrived before October’s so I’ll have that one for you in a little bit.)

Fall is officially here to stay and as we transition to quieter times, we tend to seek shelter at home, with family, and with loved ones. In many cultures, food is seen as a way to express love. “Are you hungry?” and “have you eaten?” are terms of endearment that translate to “I love you.”

This month, us here at GlobeIn want to help you express your love with a kitchen and cuisines from all over the world. It’s time to warm up those kitchens with heat from the stove and oven and whip up something delicious. Get ready to fill the hearts and tummies of those close to you. No need to say “I love you” when your food says it all — but it’s still nice to hear! — GlobeIn

Each GlobeIn box is valued around $70 USD (sometimes more) and includes four to five items. Subscribers can also choose additional products to customize their box.

Subscription prices are as follows (all prices in USD):

1 month — $40

3-month subscription — $38/month ($114)

6-month subscription — $35/month ($210)

12-month subscription –$33/month ($396)

Shipping in the US is $10/month (your first box ships free); shipping to Canada $22/month (your first box ships free); and international shipping is $25/month. 

Normally each box includes a full-colour brochure describing that month’s products and some information about the makers behind them. My box didn’t have one so I’ve sourced prices and other info from A Year of Boxes’ spoilers and GlobeIn’s website.

Sake Set, Nepal ($35) & Bamboo Sushi Roller, India ($6)

We don’t drink sake but I love this set. I would use the pitcher as a vase or a milk jug for tea. The cups would be cute with the milk for sugar and honey. And it’s been a long time since I made sushi (well California rolls) but I’ve only ever used a tea towel to roll it so a proper roller will be handy. It’s 9″ x 9.5″. 

Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice (USA), $7

Organic Jade Pearl Rice™ is an organically grown sushi-style rice infused with wild-crafted bamboo extract. Lotus Foods has been purchasing this short grain rice from certified organic family farms in northeast China for 15 years. These organic farming methods eliminate synthetic fertilizers and pesticides from the environment and help preserve the region’s fertile soils. When cooked, Jade Pearl Rice produces the aroma of a bamboo forest, a light vanilla taste and a perfectly sticky yet fluffy texture. A dramatic presence on any plate, this rice lends itself to sushi, buddha bowls, rice salad, poke bowls and pudding. Organic, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, cooks in 20 minutes, high in manganese. 

Rice is a staple in our household but mostly instant, basmati and sometimes jasmine. This is the first I’ve seen jade pearl. The light vanilla flavour makes me think we’d enjoy it more in a sweet dish than a savoury one but we’ll see. Have you tried jade pearl rice? If so, how do you use it?

Neem Wood Sushi Set, India ($38)

And my favourite item in the box! I’ve used it for vegetarian rolls from the grocery store but we’ve got brand-new Japanese take-out just up the street so it’ll be perfect for that.

I only wish there were two sets! You can buy a lot of items individually on GlobeIn’s site but I don’t see this one there. 

GlobeIn’s Umami Box is valued at $96. The sake and sushi sets aren’t something we’ll use every day but that’s the same with a lot of things. They’ll be fun to pull out from time to time and I’m interested to see how the rice will go over. Some will be quick to say you could find similar versions of the same thing at Winners or HomeSense for much cheaper and yes that’s true but these are handcrafted items that help artisans earn a living wage, and they’re delivered to your door. So it really depends what you’re looking for. 

Have you tried GlobeIn? What do you think of November’s Umami Box? 

4 responses to “GlobeIn Artisan Box November 2020: The Umami Box”

  1. VERY NICE. I’m not usually a sushi fan – no raw fish for me thanks, nor a sake drinker but yes to the California rolls please. And yes also to the wonderful scent of basmati rice. I even have a rice cooker. Leftover rice freezes nicely and great to have on hand for a quick stir fry.
    The whole set is lovely, wouldn’t be used on a regular basis in my home either, but would be lovely to have for special occasions. All very pretty as accessories and no doubt quality items. Love your pics, keep these posts coming.

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