Holiday harmony by design: Norlii Box December 2020 (A Scandinavian home and lifestyle box)

I received December’s Norlii Box in exchange for an honest review. 

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you had a great weekend, whatever you got up to. I did some cleaning, made a pie, saw my bestie for a few minutes (six feet apart + 😷😷), watched The Christmas Chronicles 2 with my youngest and started on my Christmas cards — a good mix of productive, relaxing and Christmassy things. Not so much that I’m starting the week totally depleted, not so little that I’m kicking myself for not getting anything done. It’s a hard balance to achieve this time of year. Today’s subscription box is designed to help you find harmony by creating a holiday atmosphere of moderation, simplicity and beautiful design. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Norlii Box is a bi-monthly delivery of Scandinavian home and lifestyle goods. December’s box is inspired by the Swedish word ‘lagom’, which loosely translates to ‘not too much and not too little.’ And how Swede it is! 😁 I absolutely adore this box.

Each Norlii Box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items valued at a minimum of $110 USD:

  • Authentic Scandinavian brands that you normally won’t find in your area
  • Home interior items to create a perfect setting in your home
  • Accessories like scarves, socks, beauty products, eatable snacks, or natural scented candles
  • Items for a happy Scandi inspiration​

Bi-monthly boxes are $69.95 USD/each + $9.95 USD shipping to Canada and the US. You can also save 10% on your first box if you subscribe to Norlii’s newsletter.

December’s goods arrived in a plain cardboard box with minimal packaging and a simple one-pager describing the contents in detail, which I’ve included in italics below. The box itself doesn’t have the wow factor of some others I’ve seen and/or reviewed but the simplicity is very much on-brand. I’m a sucker for good packaging so part of me would love to see a more collectible design, but that said I still whooped when it arrived so I’m good with it as is. Let’s see what’s inside!

Soft Velvet Pillow in anthracite (lb Laursen)

Get ready for a soft velvet pillow from lb Laursen. The stylish pillow sham in a solid rich anthracite shade is 100% cotton and embodies the simple Scandinavian design. The cushion filler is made in Scandinavia and contains ducks feathers and down. The cover is a sturdy 100% cotton fabric in top quality. We wanted to add the pillow filler for two reasons: You receive a ‘plug and play’ box complete with cushion cover and filler so you can get dozy instantly and furthermore because this particular filler is certified by OEKO-TEX®. The certification guarantees that the product is tested and free of substances harmful to health and the environment. After all, you could spend hours cuddling this pillow. $47 USD.

Ahhh this pillow! The colour and texture is of the cover is right at home with our decor and the pillow insert is squishy and cozy but not sloppy, which I love. I like to switch out my pillow covers with the seasons and this one will be staying through Christmas and all-winter long.

Tealight holders (House Doctor) & Tealights (Aabenlys) 

The simple tealight holders ensure flickering lights just perfect, and the atmosphere will immediately turn cozy and relaxed. You’ll receive two small candle stands in different sizes. The antique brown colour adds a raw, industrial look. Use them on the coffee table in the living room or for the window frame in the bedroom — the small sizes make them very useful all over your home. $10 & $12 USD.

This particular tealight from Aabenlys is made from 100% plant-based soy wax, a renewable and CO2-neutral resources. The soy wax is GMO-free, fully traceable, and Pro Terra Certified, which is your safety that the soybean is cultivated safely and sustainably. The burning time is about 6 hours. A free gift.

Beautiful candle holders and so versatile — I would happily put these in every room. And we just ran out of tealights so I was so glad to see some in the box. Earth-friendly and unscented too.

Christmas decor (Broste Copenhagen)

Unique and handcrafted paper decorations you can hang on the Christmas tree, a tree branch, or in your window sills for a cozy holiday atmosphere in your home. The natural material and the folding technique for these ornaments make them so unique. Remove them from the pouch and unfold them delicately. A small magnet on each side secures them easily. You can save the little pouch for safe storage after the holidays. $15 USD.

Classic design and quality materials — we’ll love these for years to come! The paper is thick and sturdy so it won’t easily tear and the magnets are super strong. Easy to store and reuse.

Caramel marshmallows with a milk chocolate coating (The Mallows)

The marshmallows from The Mallows are created with passion. The handmade organic gourmet vanilla marshmallows are coated in Belgian milk chocolate, soft creamy caramel, a touch of salt, and finally covered in cocoa. The Mallows do not compromise on the ingredients in their marshmallows: “Only the best is good enough” to give you a unique tasting sensation. Now the question is, are you going to share it? $10 USD. 

These are delicious! The marshmallows are chewy, not as light and spongey as the Kraft or no-name ones we buy, and with the caramel and chocolate inside and the perfect amount of salt they’re unlike any I’ve ever tried. We only have a couple left, and only after exercising considerable restraint.

Tea cups (Broste Copenhagen)

Broste Copenhagen knows their tableware, and my guess is you will love the rounded edges, the timeless and long-lasting design, as well as the stoneware glaze. When it comes to lagom, the medium cup size creates inspiration for balanced lifestyle during holidays and everyday life. $31 USD. 

I love the clean lines and simplicity of Scandi design so these are right up my alley. I just wish they were larger. I can see the medium size for sugary drinks and boozy bevvies but I’ll be mainly using them for tea so the bigger the better. (There’s no moderation in our household as far as tea is concerned.)

I’m thrilled with December’s Norlii Box! It’s the first subscription box I’ve seen in a long time where I absolutely love every item. Not moderately, I mean LOVE. 😍😍  The design and versatility make for objects that I’ll want to see and use every day, but not necessarily find every day. (Not these brands anyway.) Sustainability is one of the hallmarks of Scandi style so I’m glad to see products that are earth-friendly where possible and made with high-quality materials so they’ll last. I mean, the marshmallows will probably disappear within a day but the rest will be used throughout the holiday season, into the winter and for years to come. I could totally justifying buying Norlii Box for myself. It’s not too little, not too much, just right. December’s box is valued at $125 USD.

What do you think? Will you snap it up? What would you like to see in future boxes?

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  8. njacques666

    J’adore, je viens de m’abonner à cette boîte ! 🙂

    1. try small things

      Je suis tellement heureux! 😁

  9. Phyllis Anderson

    And how Swede it is……where do I start with this great box of goodies…. Would love to have tried the Caramel marshmallows with a milk chocolate coating (The Mallows) n they certainly would have not lasted long here. and that is with no one to share them with…. ALLL FOR ME 🙂
    Soft Velvet Pillow in anthracite (lb Laursen) – soft and cozy. Looks lovely. Gray is not part of my color scheme except at my hair line) but I know and can see that it works perfect for your pad. Looks great on your couch. The candles are very funky – somewhat a burnished copper -very funky and great pic of them. Fun Christmas ornaments – they fold back up for storage so they can be used again and again. And Yes to the cups – bigger though pretty please.
    Finally a big yes to the “made a pie” What a beauty. WOW WOW and WOW again. Hope that it tasted as good as it looks.

    Agreed – the whole box is a 10+ winner and as always enjoy your writing and beautiful photos

    1. try small things

      Just love your thoughtful comments! Thank you! 🥰 I was thinking about the cups and since they don’t have handles maybe the medium size would be easier to hold than a larger one? 🤷‍♀️ And the pie is delicious! 😋❤️

  10. Cathy C

    Wow what a box of warm fuzzy and happy!!! It covers all the senses with taste, smell, see, touch, and I just know those paper decorations make a fabulous noise when you open them up. I’d say this would make a great gift for hard to buy for, but it might be even harder to give it away.
    A beautiful box Julie! COVID makes connecting via mail and packages even more meaningful and special after months of distancing.

    1. try small things

      You’re so right!! Thank you, Cathy!! ❤️❤️

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