Canadian cozy, curated: The Hygge Holiday Box from Hygge in a Box πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

I received the Hygge Holiday Box in exchange for an honest review.

Well the Christmas lights turned into a project this weekend but we finally got them on the tree (not this tree, our big tree) and with the scent of fresh pine in the air and the snow outside the windows I can almost hear the tap-tapping of Santa’s reindeer on the roof. Christmas is just a few days off and I have a to-do list as long as my arm but I’m revelling in the cozy hygge moments of the season. The pair behind the Canadian subscription box Hygge in a Box curated a special Hygge Holiday Box filled with products to celebrate the Danish art of being cozy and feeling good about it and it’s wonderful, mes amies. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and take a look inside with me.

The product card includes a kind of Hygge 101 on one side and a description of the contents and maker promos on the other. All of the items are Canadian-made and touch on some of the key elements of hygge: warmth, light, nourishment, comfort, connection, joy, mindfulness and nature.

Woven Trivet

Woven Handmade trivets are 100% cotton, soft yet durable and uniquely handmade. Enjoy the minimalist aesthetic, that has pulled inspiration from Scandinavian design. The maker lives in Collingwood, Ontario and each piece is original in its shape and design with no two exactly alike.

I have a small Woven Handmade basket from an earlier Hygge in a Box that sits on my dresser holding a few delicate rings and necklaces and I love the feel and the design so I was just delighted to see this trivet in the same vein. We’ll use it later this week when we have our holiday meals at the dining room table family-style instead of serving from the stove like we usually do. (Somehow it’s only our second trivet!)

Honeycomb Coasters

These beautiful coasters are not only functional but are playful in nature. Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Zealous Decor strives to find new ways to showcase the prairie landscape which they are proud to call home. Using photography, sketching and 3D modelling they are able to create truly unique products. Each individual product is laser cut, stained and quality ensured.

These coasters would look amazing on the marble-topped coffee table I’ve got on my wish list and practical too. The hexagon shape and the warm wood is πŸ’―. They’re also our first ones.

Gourmet Pancake Mix and Golden Birch Syrup

Located in Cochrane, Alberta, Lannie Rae Gourmet flavoured pancakes and waffles mixes are thoughtfully crafted using natural and plant-based ingredients. The mixes can be made with various dairy, egg and oil alternatives to suit your dietary desires. Mixes are vegan friendly, plant based, lactose free, egg free and made with non-GMO Canadian milled flour. A delicious hygge way to start the day.

The Canadian Birch Company is a proud Canadian company bringing you distinct flavours from the land they live on. Their birch estate above the shores of Lake Winnipeg’s south basin in Grand Marais, Manitoba is home to some of the world’s most pristine birch forests. Best with pancakes, waffles, biscuits, scones, cinnamon buns, pastries, marinades, sauces and dressings.Β 

Our traditional Christmas breakfast is chocolate chip pancakes but maybe I’ll try this mix too. (If not Christmas morning, then definitely over the holidays.) And I’m intrigued by the birch syrup. I’ve never seen it, let alone tried it. Have you?

Hot Chocolate

There is nothing more hygge than a hot drink on a cold winter day! This creamy hot cocoa is no exception. Hot Cups Tea, a family owned company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba uses premium blends that are produced in Canada from over 100 hundred teas procured from farmers across the world. They keep expanding their product offering to include hot chocolate, matcha, accessories and more.Β 

I’d recently finished the hot chocolate we had in the house when I opened this one and Hot Cups Tea has it all over Carnation. Like apples to oranges, my friends. Really creamy and flavourful. Best enjoyed after a walk in the snow, wrapping gifts and/or sitting by the fire. (If you can’t have a real fire — or even if you can! — the Birchwood Fireplace on Netflix is some cosy hygge!)

Icicles & Evergreen Candle

The scent of winter with notes of eucalyptus, cinnamon and vanilla make this the perfect candle for the holiday season. Based out of Collingwood, Ontario, Serendipity Candles uses only three simple ingredients: 100% soy wax, pure cotton wicks, and premium quality fragrance/essential oil blends.Β 

Woodsy candles are my favourite but cinnamon and vanilla not so much and I’m still enjoying this one. (The cinnamon and vanilla are subtle.) And burns for more than 50 hours!

Polar Bear Chocolates

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Decadence Chocolates came about following an unsuccessful attempt to make truffles and treats as Christmas presents one year. The experience made the owner realize that she really enjoyed the process and decided to learn more. There is a passion to be found in food and this most definitely includes chocolates. Enjoy these delicious adorable and melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate polar bear chocolates.Β 

These chocolates whisked me back to the Christmas craft shows of my childhood. Every year we’d bring home a small box of chocolate mice that were as delicious as they were adorable. These wee polar bears are the same. Maybe even cuter!! Can you imagine the time and care it must take to dot those tiny eyes and noses on every single one? These are so special.

Hand & Body Lotion

This ultra-moisturizing 100% natural Winter Wonderland Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with organic argan oil and nourishing avocado oil. When Scentuals owner learned of her brother’s cancer diagnosis, she studied which toxins were found in everyday personal care products and their negative affect on our health. This new knowledge led her to use only top-quality 100% natural ingredients that are undoubtedly safe. Based in Coquitlam, BC.Β 

There’s something so spa-like about this lotion. It feels uber luxurious and smells clean and fresh. I love slathering it on my hands and feet before bed to end the day on a hygge note.

Parks Canada Socks

There are endless ways to add plushness to your surroundings and the things you wear. These made in Canada camper socks are durable, comfortable and will keep your feet warm on cold days. They are the perfect accessory for hiking or for day-to-day uses. Every purchase supports national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas in Canada.

I’m tucking these in my hubby’s Christmas stocking as they’ll be perfect for his short walks and longer hikes. (Plus I’m short on things for his stocking so there’s that too.) I love that they support Canada’s natural heritage!

Winter Fun Card

These cards can be framed, to live on as a piece of artwork in your home. Send them to a grandparent, parent, family member, friend, community member or neighbour. Made with love by Desiree Penner Watercolours in Elm Creek, Manitoba.Β 

I’m sending this card to friends who love to ski (tho with a province-wide lockdown imminent it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to do any of that for the next while).

And I can’t wait to try this buttertart recipe! The Hygge in a Box founders are sisters and the recipe is a treasured one from their mom.

I didn’t photograph them separately, but Hygge in a Box also included two pine cones from the founders’ summer cabin in Lake of the Woods, Ontario.

…pine cones are a simple way to bring the outdoors in which is an integral part of creating a hygge home. Further, pine cones are widely used decorative items for Christmas as they symbolize the unity of a chosen family. — Hygge in a Box

Hygge in a Box is available to buy as a quarterly subscription or a single box for $114.99 CAD + shipping/each with limited edition boxes like the Hygge Holiday Box released throughout the year. December 30, 2020 is the deadline to order the Winter/Vinterhygge Box shipping in January, and the cut-off for ordering the next special edition box, the International Hygge Day Box, is January 30, 2021. (That box ships in February for $89.99 CAD + shipping.) Hygge in a Box is based in Manitoba and currently ships across Canada and the US.

I am so, so pleased with the Hygge Holiday Box and hope it inspires you to enjoy cozy hygge moments this holiday, wherever you spend it.

You’ll find Hygge in a Box on Instagram and Facebook.

Have you tried Hygge in a Box? What products or Canadian makers would you like to see in a future box?

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  1. Phyllis Anderson

    What a fabulous box of goodies…. Hard to say what my favorite product would be, but I’ll give it a try.
    First – love the pic by the window with the tree and the baskets. Yo have a photographers eye.
    Next – Can I please eat that yummy looking butter tart with a side of the hot chocolate ? – please and thank you.- All set up on one of those funky coaters resting on the lovely Woven Trivet.
    Your Christmas morning breakfast will have the special treat of the Gourmet Pancake Mix and Golden Birch Syrup – my mouth is watering !!! Add a couple of pieces of Canadain bacon to my plate please.
    The scent of the Icicles & Evergreen Candle along with your own real tree will add to the holiday festive feel of your house.
    White chocolate my fav – Polar Bear Chocolates – another winner.
    Hand & Body Lotion – who doesn’t need to lather up with all the indoor heat an the outdoor cold –
    Again another winner !!! Particularly if you feel spa treated.
    And with the Parks Canada Socks we will all know who wears the socks in your family πŸ™‚
    Said once again – What a fabulous box of goodies and all Canadian – Yeah Canada.
    It’s always a treat seeing your great photos and reading your fun blog – keep’em rolling.

  2. Cathy C

    Wow! What a haul! I just love this subscription box- but this one is exceptionally good! Enjoy it!

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