Lookfantastic Beauty Box December 2020

I received December’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box in exchange for an honest review. This post also appears on A Year of Boxes.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box is a UK subscription box that delivers six premium beauty and skincare products for $25 CAD/month (a little less depending on the length of your subscription). December’s included a mix items both familiar and new to me, all packaged in a pretty, reusable box dressed up for the holidays with a festive and elegant design.

There are four subscription options for the Beauty Box (all prices in CAD; I’m quoting the prices from the Canadian Lookfantastic site):

  • Month-to-month, $25/box
  • 3-month subscription, $24/box
  • 6-month subscription, $22.50/box
  • 12-month subscription, $21.50/box

Canadian subscribers pay approximately $12 shipping for the first box and subsequent boxes ship free. 

Each Lookfantastic Beauty Box includes a product guide that’s like a mini magazine with information on the contents and how to use them, interviews with beauty industry professionals, brand features, etc. December’s issue includes a primer on ginger (which I loathe 🤮 but apparently has exceptional anti-ageing and skin-clearing properties) and tips and tricks for winter skincare.

Jecca Blac Glow Drops (Champagne)

Add some much-needed sparkle this festive season with your Glow Drops, in a beautiful Champagne shade that flatters a range of skin tones.

I tried Glow Drops just a few months ago when they came in another beauty box and loved the subtle glow. This shade is a little different (cooler than the warmer rose gold of the other one) but I like it just as much.

Bellapierre Pro Concealer Palette

Color correcting is a well-known makeup artist tactic to banish imperfections through use of colors that cancel each other out. And with this palette of color correcting concealer, you can say goodbye to imperfections till your nighttime routine.

This same palette was included in another beauty box over a year ago and I ended up gifting it. I was intimidated by the green (still am 😬) and too lazy to teach myself how to use it but maybe I’ll play with this one. If I know someone who will get much more use out of something than me I’d rather pass it along then use half of it and waste it.

TheBalm Cosmetics Petal to the Metal Va Va Va Vroom Cream Eyeshadow (Shift Into Overdrive)

Creamy, buildable and easy to blend, this eyeshadow is just what you need to inject a bit of colour into your makeup routine this festive season! Whatever colour you receive this month, expect a strong pigment that is great applied alone or with some of your favourite eyeshadows.

This shade is very similar to another TheBalm shadow from a previous Lookfantastic box, perhaps a bit darker. I’m not sure I need another so I’ll probably gift this one, but I do like the staying power of a cream formula and the sturdy magnetic closure of the case.


Harnessing Hyaluronic Acid and Panternol (Vitamin B5) this serum brings long-lasting hydration for a plumper, smoother complexion. It’s cruelty free, vegan and free from artificial fragrances.

Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch

Fight signs of ageing with this luxurious eye cream, infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Sea Water to deliver long-lasting moisture and combat the appearance of the lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags for an overall youthful glow.

All of the above, please. And if they make a difference, more of each. ‘Tho I’m snickering at the “sea water” in the Avant product. Is sea water a thing? From what sea? What makes it so effective?

Brushworks Double-Ended Brush

This double-ended eyeshadow brush combines both shading and precision. On one end is a shader brush, perfect for packing on eyeshadow and blending out edges. On the other end is an eyeliner brush, suitable for use with powder eyeshadows and liquid/gel eyeliners.

This brush is lovely and so versatile. And makes me wonder why all makeup brushes aren’t double-ended. The bristles are soft but sturdy and the brush feels good in the hand.

The product guide for December’s Lookfantastic Beauty Box doesn’t include prices for each item, nor is the total value available on the Canadian site but Lookfantastic UK says it’s £135 or about $232 CAD. That said, Canadian subscribers received the Bellapierre Pro Concealer Palette (valued at about $50) where UK subscribers received a hairspray valued at about $4.30. Whatever the total value, it’s fair to say subscribers on this side of the pond got a very good return on this one. Even if you only keep a couple of products and gift the rest (like in my case), it’s still great value for the money. Now if you continued to receive duplicate items month after month you might think think twice about renewing but I think that’s more likely to be an issue for long-term subscribers and/or those who subscribe to more than one beauty box.

Each item in December’s box arrived in pristine condition, as did the box itself.

Have you tried Lookfantastic Beauty Box?

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  1. Phyllis Anderson

    Very nice box of goodies.
    Jecca Blac Glow Drops (Champagne) A sheen can enhance wrinkles – at least on my face – so this is a product that wouldn’t be found among my cosmetic box of goodies.
    Bellapierre Pro Concealer Palette. Bring on the concealer – Double the order on that one please.
    TheBalm Cosmetics Petal to the Metal Va Va Va Vroom Cream Eyeshadow Nice. This holiday season didn’t lend itself to a lot of socializing, but we keep up the beauty art work for ourselves – not others – right!
    Avant Pro Radiance Brightening Eye Final Touch ” deliver long-lasting moisture and combat the appearance of the lines, wrinkles, dark circles and eye bags for an overall youthful glow.” Sea Water or not – if it really does this – another double order please.
    Brushworks Double-Ended Brush – Agreed, why aren’t there more double-ended brushes?
    Said again – Very nice box of goodies…. and as always, love the commentary and the great pics.

    1. try small things

      Yes to all of the eye cream! Double order! Triple order! ❤️❤️

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