Five things I’m doing besides reviewing subscription boxes

I started to make this a list of 10 things but I’m not actually doing that much, ha ha. I mean, one of these is “making the bed” (which, although satisfying, is kind of inane). 😂 I thought about taking the Christmas trees down partly so I could add that to the list but didn’t get any farther than that. (We still have our stockings up too.) Ah well what’s the rush? It’s grey and rainy here and the decorations add some cheer.

1. Reading This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens. It’s a British romcom about two people from vastly different worlds (i.e. rags and riches) who keep crossing paths. My bookstagram friend Dany said it’s the perfect book to read in January and I’m loving it so far. Here’s more from the publisher:

Minnie Cooper knows two things with certainty: that her New Year’s birthday is unlucky, and that it’s all because of Quinn Hamilton, a man she’s never met. Their mothers gave birth to them at the same hospital just after midnight on New Year’s Day, but Quinn was given the cash prize for being the first baby born in London in 1990–and the name Minnie was meant to have, as well. With luck like that, it’s no wonder each of her birthdays has been more of a disaster than the one before.

When Minnie unexpectedly runs into Quinn at a New Year’s party on their mutual thirtieth birthday, she sees only more evidence that fortune has continued to favor him. The gorgeous, charming business owner truly seems to have it all–while Minnie’s on the brink of losing her pie-making company and her home. But if Quinn and Minnie are from different worlds, why do they keep bumping into each other? And why is it that each fraught encounter leaves them both wanting more?

2. Wearing these press-on nails I found at Rexall. They’re self-adhesive so no glue (and no glue damage) and my first set lasted just over a week. Right now I’m wearing Pump up the Jam in short and the length is perfect. Any longer would drive me crazy.

3. Watching The Morning Show and The Bachelor and reading the always-hilarious Bachelor recaps from I Hate Green Beans. But I missed the latest Bachelorette with Clare and Tayshia. Is it worth watching?

4. Making the bed. (Yes I kept this in.) More often in the middle of the day than first thing in the a.m. but still, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and feels soooo much better to climb into than a messy one. Especially when the sheets have just been washed. (We use these Tide pods and they smell amazing!)

5. Writing a few cards to say hello and happy new year and thinking of you on this super cute stationery set from Papergang. I treated my bestie and I to a three-month subscription for Christmas and ordered some past sets while I was at it. If you want to try it, you can save 4 GBP (about $7 CAD) on your first box with my referral code, LL-HTO2XI17. It’s from the UK but the shipping is reasonable, I think about $5 CAD/box.

What about you? What are you up to? ❤️

6 responses to “Five things I’m doing besides reviewing subscription boxes”

  1. I am so impressed by those lovely nails. They are darling… just like you! And good on you for keeping up with the bed making and freshening the laundry with those Tide Pods… thinking our house needs those too! 🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨

  2. Oooh those nails are cute! They look super natural (enough so that I had to scroll back to scrutinize lol)

    My what am I doing is about as exciting right now, Im afraid. I’ve been making daily to do lists that include gems like: “Change water in plant pots”. and adding things Im doing anyways, like sweeping, just to make myself feel productive. lol

    • “Change water in plant pots” 😂 but also 😬. Maybe I should be changing the water in mine too! (Definitely gotta put out the Christmas trees this week 😬.) The nails are holding up so well, I’m really impressed! ❤️

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