Norlii Box February 2021: Nordic Bathing Traditions

I received February’s Norlii Box in exchange for an honest review.

The weekend felt like one long squabble and more than once I took to the tub for refuge. Which isn’t something I’m inclined to do; usually I try to make my escape tunnelling through a carton of frozen yogurt (‘tho I did some of that too). What got me there (apart from the squabbling) was the latest Norlii Box. It’s a bi-monthly delivery of Scandinavian home and lifestyle goods that ships from Denmark to Canada and the US. February’s box celebrates Nordic bathing traditions with a selection of spa-bath items to do wonders for your wellness. Wonder what’s inside? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Each Norlii Box includes 4 to 5 hand-picked items valued at a minimum of $110 USD:

  • Authentic Scandinavian brands that you normally won’t find in your area
  • Home interior items to create a perfect setting in your home
  • Accessories like scarves, socks, beauty products, eatable snacks, or natural scented candles
  • Items for a happy Scandi inspiration​

The boxes are $69.95 USD/each (all prices in USD) + $9.95 shipping. (Save 20% on your first box with the code Norlii20.) Norlii Box subscribers also have access to a members-only shop where they can purchase select items from past boxes or order boxes to gift.

A pamphlet included with the box describes the contents and explains some of the history behind Nordic bathing traditions.

Norlii is about the everyday luxury of being in the present moment. The Nordic approach is to stay connected to nature, even in the cold winter weather. Your February Box is in the shape of self-indulgence inspired by Scandinavian bath and sauna culture’s quiet balance and sensuality. We have found soft textiles, Nordic nature, and delightful wellness scents for a relaxing break in your everyday life. — Norlii Box

ALTUM Spa candle, Ib Laursen Ib Laursen’s spa and wellness series, ALTUM, is inspired by the tide revitalizing everything on its path in the Wadden Sea of southern Denmark. This circle of life, occurring twice a day, is the entire idea behind the Altum series. ALTUM is the Latin word for the tide. The scented candle revitalizes your wellness moment with the ancient and exquisite Amber bringing new life and nourishment to your mind and soul – just like the sea tide. The decorative candle creates a cozy atmosphere where ever you put it. The idea for this box is to light it in your bathroom. $15 

Sandstone, Ib Laursen Natural sandstone – as simple as that. Suitable and beautiful for your new salt scrub, soap, or maybe your scented candle. $13 

Candles feel uber luxurious in the bath. This amber one is lovely — clean, calming — and not overpowering (even in our tiny bathroom). And I like how it looks sitting on the sandstone tile, the mix of textures.

ANGAN Skincare Iceland is unique, with untouched nature, pure water, and geothermal activity. Coming from an island far out in the North Atlantic, the ocean and nature have always played a big part in Icelandic culture. The Icelandics have a strong relationship with the life-giving sea that has fed them and kept them alive through the centuries. ANGAN handmade organic skincare carries on the rituals of Iceland’s love for the sea. The salt contains high magnesium and other natural minerals and is produced using only geothermal energy.

Seaweed Bath Salt Geothermal mineral-rich sea salt, hand-harvested seaweed, and therapeutic essential oils from Lavender and Geranium. $12 

Icelandic Moss Salt Scrub Exfoliating mineral-rich salt scrub with handpicked Icelandic moss and a blend of nourishing and regenerative oils. $18

Lovely, lovely products, both with all-natural ingredients to relieve anxiety and energize at the same time (just what I need). And they smell fantastic! So fresh, so green. One whiff and I’m transported. Angan, take me away! 😂 (The bottle of bath salts is small but you only need a handful at a time.)

Norlii also included the wee bamboo House Doctor spoon, no charge. Perfect complimentary item.

VIPP Bath towel Vipp towels are made of pure organic cotton for optimal quality, water absorption, and softness. The towels are fitted with a solid rubber strap, showcasing the sense of detail is in anything Vipp makes. The 3rd generation family company was founded in 1939. If you recognize the brand, you might have stumbled upon it at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, where VIPP’s pedal bin is a part of the permanent architecture and design collection. The towel’s design is simple and classic, and it can easily become your favorite towel for years to come; the fine weaved stripes in the soft textile, the sturdy rubber strap for hanging, and the fitted edges never go out of fashion. $58 

Soft, thick, a generous size and I love the strap for hanging (now we just have to put up the bath hook we’ve neglected for years). Definitely our best towel. I’d love a few more.

A warm relaxing bath, your new salt scrub, and the scented light are sure to relax and revitalize you. — Norlii Box

This is my second Norlii Box (you can see the first one here) and I’m so, so pleased. I’m usually one for showers over baths but the spa-bath is really a different experience altogether. Elevated. Luxurious. Peaceful. Each of the products feels thoughtfully chosen and high quality, both in terms of the materials/ingredients used to make them and the design. Used together, they made me feel pampered and refreshed. February’s Norlii Box is valued at $116.

What do you think of this one? Have you tried Norlii Box?

4 thoughts on “Norlii Box February 2021: Nordic Bathing Traditions

  1. It’s great to discover new products and companies… I love their philosophy of quiet balance and sensuality….
    Your lovely images have made me aware of how much I am missing moments of self-care and indulgence.

  2. This post brings to mind the pleasure and restorative powers of the nordic spa experience that is so greatly missed since COVID. What a wonderful way to bring home these sensory delights and indulge in some much needed self care!!!

  3. All of those luxurious products sound wonderful. Makes me want to climb into a beautiful scented bath and then wrap myself in that sounding fabulously soft bath towel. The only thing missing is a regenerating moisturizer, always a necessity after the exfoliating mineral-rich salt scrub.
    Great box of goodies – hope that it did the Houdini magic that sounded like a necessity for you this past weekend.
    Stay sane and keep posting these fabulous posts.

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